It's Monday night. The familiar sound of Chris Harrison's voice fills the room. And even though you know that this show will inevitably kill forty percent of your brain cells, you can't stop yourself from watching. It's Bachelor night. 

As a self-proclaimed Bachelor addict, I understand your struggle. I've watched Nick Viall during his appearance on The Bachelorette. Twice. Then I watched his brief stint on Bachelor in Paradise. And now he's on The Bachelor. In fact, Nick is sort of like your ex-boyfriend: he keeps persistently popping up in unexpected places until you're forced to acknowledge him. But unlike your ex, you're always pleased to see him.

This Monday, invite a few friends over and whip up this Bachelor themed finger food to snack on during the episode. As Sarah so aptly put it when she walked into the Bachelor mansion: "Oh, my God! There's food!" 

1. Chocolate-Dipped Bacon Roses

Ari Collura

Chris Harrison would definitely approve of this edible bouquet of bacon. Make a (first) impression on your friends by giving out these fun bacon roses. Just be careful who you give the first rose out to.

2. Mini Pizza Lollipops

chicken, bacon, pizza, sauce
Katherine Baker

Nick wouldn't want any of his girls left out of the rose ceremony, including the vegetarian ones. Instead of a bacon rose, offer your vegetarian guests this adorable miniature pizza on a stick. I guarantee they'll accept your rose.

3. Smoked Salmon Dip

Collette Block

Celebrate Alexis's future dolphin training career with this fishy dip. It's even better than the shark costume that Alexis wore during the cocktail party. And that's saying something.

4. Jalapeño Popper Cups

jalapeno, bacon, vegetable, meat, cheese
Emma Lally

Just like Corrine, these jalapeño cups have a serious kick to them. This young businesswoman from Miami was the first to go in for a kiss. She knows how to bring the fire, and now you do too. Keep the heat going all night with these delectable poppers.

5. Apricot, Goat Cheese, and Almond Bites

pastry, dairy product, cake, cream, candy, caramel, sweet, chocolate
Julianna Ruo

These apricot, goat cheese, and almond bites embody the entire theme of the show: ridiculously straightforward, but addicting. Plus, these bites are as unbelievably pretty as all of the contestants. Seriously. Are those girls even real?

6. Pumpkin Spice Roasted Almonds

almond, sweet, coffee, peanut, meat, nut
Kendra Valkema

With all of the nutty antics in The Bachelor, these almonds make the perfect pairing to any episode. Celebrate spicy contestants such as Hailey, whose first comment was that she doesn't wear underwear. You go, girl.

7.  Slutty Rice Krispie Treats

cookie, butter, cake, chocolate, peanut, peanut butter, rice
Phoebe Melnick

As Lauren points out, her last name combined with Nick's last name spells out 'disgusting slut,' which means that they're destined to be. Just like you and these slutty rice krispie treats. Just saying.

8. Poutine Pizza Wedges

Adeena Zeldin

Celebrate Danielle's French-Canadian heritage with these shareable poutine pizza wedges. Très bien, eh?

Remember that finger food is meant to be served with alcohol. Check out this Bachelor themed drinking game that will make even the overused line "she isn't here for the right reasons" seem tolerable.