Every single Dunkin' Donuts lady who works from 7:30 in the morning to 8 o'clock at night knows my name and my order. If you're like me (severely addicted to caffeine), your Dining Dollars are going REAL fast. Here are some tips to help get the most Dunkin' Donuts for your money every day. 

1. Don't get the combo.

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You're probably going to eat while walking to class anyway. You only have two hands, one for coffee and one for food, choose well.

2. Customize your order to the max.

Add meats, change the bread/flatbread/biscuit or whatever your item is served on. Add cheese or whatever, just get the most out of that order. Don't feel too locked in if a sandwich is served only on a flatbread or only with sausage, they're pretty flexible

3. Their Happy Hour will be the best part of your day. 

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Half-priced coffee and drinks from 2-6 pm? Absolutely yes.

4. DD Perks are a beautiful thing.

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You get points for everything you get at Dunkin' Donuts, plus a free drink just for signing up. You get five points for every dollar spent with your DD account, and every 200 points you get free stuff. Plus, some menu items randomly have double or triple points for a time.

5. Bring your own cup.

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Get 99 cent hot or iced coffee refills if you bring in your reusable mug. Hello, savings.

6. Actually fill out their surveys.

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Emily Weaver

Save your receipt and actually do this, they don't take long. I have a friend who got at least two free donuts a week doing this because she just really loves donuts. So you never have to pay for donuts, and it technically counts as portion control, as it keeps you to one per visit. Yay, health!

7. If you're really into that Turbo shot game, get your espresso on the side.

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They'll give you more than they would have just pouring it in the cup. Plus, you can either savor it on the side, or dump it right in yourself. Also, don't be afraid to add shots or swirls to your drink, because the normal ones won't add to your total cost.

It may not exactly be extreme couponing, but you'll be the one smiling while sipping a nice, steaming cup of coffee when everyone else's Dining Dollars run out by the end of October.