As a college student living away from home, Thanksgiving break is the highlight of my fall semester. Unlike the lengthy winter break, you're only home long enough to inhale a fantastic, gut-busting meal and actually enjoy spending time with your family.

Unfortunately, this break doesn't leave a lot of extra time to hang out with your hometown friends. The Wednesday before Thanksgiving Day is great for catching up, whether that be drinking in your parent's basement or at the local bar.

If you get too carried away, you may find yourself watching from the sidelines while everyone else enjoys dinner. To avoid this tragic possibility, here are a few choice snacks you should make when the drunchies hit Wednesday night so that you can enjoy your Thanksgiving hangover free. 

1. Hummus

bread, sweet, toast, pastry, dairy product, cake
Parisa Soraya

All those drinks won't just take away your memory of your night, but they'll also deplete your vitamin B. A good way to replenish this loss is through hummus because chickpeas are practically made up of vitamins of the B persuasion. 

Even though your inner drunchies monster would probably rather have chips and salsa, ignore it. Tomatoes cause heartburn and acid reflux and the salty nachos will make you even more dehydrated

2. Avocado Toast

bread, toast, herb, vegetable, avocado
Rachael Piorko

A slice of bread (preferably whole wheat) will help steady your blood sugar levels, which decrease when you drink excess amounts of alcohol. Bread is also an easy carb for your body to break down, and that's important because alcohol slows digestion as is.

The avocados aren't just a random topping. They have a high natural fat content that allows them to stick to your stomach and slow the process of alcohol absorption.

3. Pickle Juice 

pickle, salt, vinegar, condiment, gherkin, vegetable, jam
Hannah Petersen

Yes, this isn't a food per say. But regardless, it's not just a hangover cure myth. Pickle juice does have a lot of electrolytes, which is another essential that you lose while drinking. The salt and vinegar brine of the pickle juice will help your body restore them. Don't try and act like you can't handle the taste either—I'm sure you've taken far more vile shots at the bar. 

4. Oatmeal  

cereal, caramel, honey
Kelly Redfield

You shouldn't limit this superfood to only breakfast time. Oatmeal has plenty of anti-hangover nutritional essentials that will help revive you the morning-after. Plus, this recipe will fill your growling stomach in a much healthier way than greasy drunchies like pizza, so you won't wake up feeling like complete crap. 

5. Grilled Cheese

Kirby Barth

Milk and milk-based foods line your stomach and absorb alcohol. They can even stop some chemical reactions that mess with your liver when you drink alcohol. Adding apples will only serve to benefit you the next day because they're full of nutrients. Now your drunchie monster's cheese craving will be satisfied in a  productive way. 

6. Banana Pancakes

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Natsuko Mazany

Bananas are your key to hangover prevention success, I promise. The potassium and proteins you lose from indulging in a few drinks can easily be replenished by this fruity snack. Also, these five-minute pancakes will soak up the booze too so it's a win-win.  

7. Cereal

sweet, potato, vegetable
Aakanksha Joshi

Simple enough, right? It's similar to oatmeal as far as the simple carbs go. If you're not feeling milk, there are other ways to eat cereal that'll likely satisfy your strange drunchies cravings as well. 

Here's your chance to finally make a smart drunk decision—don't let yourself (or your body) down.