There's a point at every New Year's Eve party when things start to get rowdy. All the food is gone, the drinks are flowing, and people are itching for the countdown to begin. If it's still too early to turn on the ball drop, here are the best drinking games to play on New Year's Eve for the crowd of 10 or two.

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#SpoonTip: Drinking games are fun, but be responsible. Spoon does not promote binge or underage drinking. Stay safe!

True American

It's best to start with the most complicated first. Fans of New Girl already know this one, and it's perfect for large groups to play over a big space. It definitely requires the most brain power, and a bit of setup, but once it's going, it's fun. Click here for the rules.


Here's a simple one. Play the song "Roxanne" by the Police and drink every time you hear Roxanne. Lucky for you, this song made our playlist for New Year's Eve.

Cheers to the Governor

Cheers to the Governor is a classic college drinking game perfect for New Year's Eve. It's basically a game of counting, but the more counting that happens, the more drinking that happens. The more drinking that happens, the more complicated things get. Click here for the rules.

Where's the water?

This is for fans of poker and tequila. Get out one shot glass per person playing. One person secretly fills shot glasses with water except one, which will be filled with tequila. Everyone takes a shot and guesses who got the tequila.

King's Cup

Another easy go-to the whole crew can get into. All you need is a deck of cards, a large cup, and drinks for the crowd. It moves slower than the other games on this list, perfect for the group that doesn't want to move around. Click here for the rules.


Fill a large cup with alcohol (any kind will do). Gently place a shot glass in the cup making sure it floats. Each player slowly adds a little pour of their drink into the shot glass until it sinks. Whoever sinks the "boat" has to drink it.

Back To Back

Got a group that knows each other really well? Have two people stand back to back, drinks in hand. Other players take turns asking who is the most likely to...set the kitchen on fire while cooking? Send all their money on one item? Go on a reality TV show? Whichever person thinks they are most likely to, drinks. If they both drink, they drink again. If neither of them drink, they drink.


Need I say more? Turn that dinner table into a party table. Click here for the rules (if you need them).

Having a party for two? Play these drinking games for two.