Beer pong is the go-to game at house or frat parties. It's the age old tradition of trying to get the other team to drink as much gross, cheap beer as possible. The game is fairly simple to play, but the rules can be a little tricky to learn. These are some basic tips on how to play beer pong like a pong master, or at least how to appear like you know what you're doing.

1. Have a Beer or Two Yourself

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Alex Frank

This is my first tip for anyone playing beer pong. Whether it's your first game or one of many, having a beer beforehand will help you not be nervous. This will just help you enjoy the game, which normally helps you play better.

#SpoonTip: Be safe and drink responsibly. Don't drink more beer than you're comfortable with and don't feel pressured to "keep up" with your friends. 

2. Pick a Partner as Skilled as You

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Michelle Miller

If this is your first game, it might be smart to have a partner who will either be as bad as you or better than you. Most importantly, pick someone who's going to be fun to play with. Someone too competitive will ruin your pong experience, but don't pick someone you're going to be timid around or try to impress. This is a fun game, not a college romance movie.

3. Know the Basics

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Sarah Bundra

There are some basic rules you must know in order to learn how to play beer pong. The game isn't hard to learn, but the main thing is to not have your elbow go over the edge of the table.

The first rule is that the previous winner or the first team to sink a ball in a cup while maintaining eye contact with the other team gets to play first. The second rule is that for the shot to count your elbow (and sometimes wrist) must be behind the table. The third rule is that after a certain amount of cups (varies per party) are gone, you can have the cups reformed.

4. Breathe and Take a Good Luck Swig Before Going for the Last Cup

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Alex Frank

If the other team only has one cup left, you're winning. If you're taking the shot, be sure to shake off the pressure with a deep breath. I also recommend taking a good luck swig of your beer (if you're in a good, happy, safe drinking place) before taking the shot. Truly visualize yourself as the table tennis ball and imagine landing in the cup.

5. Celebrate Your Win or Mourn Your Loss

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Hana Brannigan

If you win, congrats! You just improved your pong average and are on your way to becoming a pong master. If you lost, don't be discouraged because you can always make a come back later in the night or at the next party. The goal here is to have a fun pong experience. Now crack open another cold one (or a water if you want, no shame) and continue having a solid night.

#SpoonTip: You can get mono from beer pong, so play safely! 

By following the five basic rules of how to play beer pong, you'll have an awesome night whether you win or lose. The point is to shake off all nervousness and have a jolly beer night. Be sure that you stay safe though, and follow the cups you lose with some water.

If you want to play with more intense rules or truly develop your pong skills, check out this website. Now that you have this wisdom on how to play beer pong, go and become a pong master.