St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner, which means it's time to dig up something green from your closet to avoid getting pinched. Is that still a thing? Anyway, if you don't have anything green to wear, you now have the perfect excuse to try one (or all, I won't judge) of these delicious concoctions to show your shamrock pride. Here are five green drinks you need to try in Davis, CA.

1. Thai Green Tea (The Old Teahouse) - $3.75

beer, tea
Callie Austin

This drink is the perfect balance between green tea and milk. With just the right amount of sweetness, neither flavor is overly powerful, and the milk adds an attractive smoothness. The Old Teahouse is conveniently located at the University Mall right across campus, so grab one of these between classes for a pick-me-up.

2. Matcha Macchiato (MandRo Teahouse) - $3.75

ice, sweet, cream, milk
Callie Austin

Sweet mother of matcha, this drink is delightful. It is loaded with matcha flavor and topped with sea salt cream. I add boba to mine because why not put sugar in sugar topped with sugar? Go big or go home.

3. Triple G (Nugget Markets) - $5.00

sweet, cocktail, ice, mint, juice, lime
Callie Austin

This is my all-time favorite smoothie. I don't even want to know how much money I've spent at Nugget just for this smoothie. This dream in a cup consists of peaches, banana, kale, spinach, apple and pineapple juices. I like to add a scoop of soy protein powder for the perfect post-workout treat. 

#SpoonTip: This drink is oddly listed under the "Juices" section on the menu, but don't let that fool you. I promise it's a smoothie. 

4. Sweet Green (Sun & Soil Juice Company) - $9.50

I know; I cringed when I saw the price, too. If it makes you feel any better, there are two servings of juice in this bottle. And trust me, it's totally worth it. This heavenly bottle of phytonutrients consists of apple, spinach, filtered water, lime and ginger. The apple juice makes the drink taste not too vegetable-y, and the ginger gives it a pleasant bite.

5. Mojito (Bistro 33) - $12 Pitcher

For those of you 21 and over, this Thursday night special is a must-try in Davis. Mojitos are amazing in and of themselves, but getting a mojito pitcher for only $12 is a steal. An enticing blend of white rum, soda water, lime juice, simple syrup and mint, mojitos are just plain delicious. Bistro 33 even offers flavor add-ins such as peach, raspberry and dragonberry (though I prefer to stick with the classic). St. Patrick's Day is on a Friday this year, but who says you can't celebrate early?

#SpoonTip: This special is only on Thursdays from 6 PM-midnight, so be sure to plan accordingly. 

Stick one of these green beauties in your hand this St. Patrick's Day and make those leprechauns proud.