No one likes talking about it – but sometimes it really is necessary. Pooping is normal and everyone does it. For those who struggle dropping their load off, we have a solution for you... Did you know yogurt makes you poop?

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Jason Cruz

Yogurt makes you poop because most yogurt brands contain a bacteria called probiotics – which comes from live active bacterial cultures. It acts as a regulator for the stomach by providing the good bacterias needed for balance. This can result in improving the frequency of your potty trips and help make going to the bathroom easier.

An analysis conducted in 2014 by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition proved that probiotics helped people poop 1.3 more times in a week and even made stools flow more consistently.

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However, not all yogurt brands carry the probiotics that are needed to make you poop. You can try eating plain organic yogurts or making homemade yogurt to get these bacterias.

Where Can You Find It

Some brands that carry probiotics are:

Activia (Jammi Lee Curtis tried to tell us...)

Yoplait Original


Dannon and more.

Whether you eat the traditional creamy yogurts, soy yogurt or greek yogurt, you can still get your good bacteria intake. Just check the brand for clarity.

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Keep In Mind

Do you ever feel like you're clogged? Like a sudden build-up in the stomach? I know it's odd to keep track of how often you go, but it does help you decide if you're going irregularly.

There's a list of reasons for why you have constipation. On average, Americans consume about 15 grams of fiber a day when we need to consume at least 25 grams. Not consuming enough water could be another reason. We need water to stay hydrated and to keep the blood flowing. If we don't intake enough water, it will become hard for our bowels to travel through the intestines.

Stress levels can definitely cause build up because stress can throw off the body's balance. So, whenever you start to notice a change in yourself, eat some yogurt to help move things along. Going to see your doctor is recommended just in case there are other issues.

Since yogurt makes you poop, it should be a breeze going to the bathroom after having some or you should start noticing a change after a while. Yeah, you may need to strain a little, but remember, it could be worse.

Who would have thought a small container of goodness could help deliver such a big package.