Many people pay close attention to the foods they put into their bodies, but being aware of what comes out the other end is just as important. Keep reading for the deets on excretion that no one really talks about. 

Ain't That Some Sh*t

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Regularity: You should be going ‘number two’ at least once or twice a day because it’s your body’s natural way of excreting waste. Many people don’t realize that if they’re not regularly having bowel movements, then they’re probably constipated.

Color: Bile, which is produced by the liver and aids with the digestion of fats, makes your stool a brown color. If your poo is black, yellow or red, you may want to think about what you’ve been eating or even contact your doctor.

Shape, size and texture: Smooth, soft, and one long shape is what you’re aiming for. Fragmented, pebbled or rock-hard feces are signs that your colon has been stuffed up for a while and that you’ve accumulated bacteria in your gut for who knows how long. In contrast, watery, mushy or pasty poop isn’t good either.

Passing Gas

Ever heard of the phrase, “who cut the cheese?” What you eat directly affects the odor of your stool. A putrid smell may suggest that your body is having some trouble digesting foods like gluten, meat or dairy.


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The color of your pee indicates how hydrated you are. If your pee is a light shade of lemonade, you’re doing it right. If it’s bright or dark yellow, drink up that H2O. Numerous health professionals recommend drinking 6-8 glasses of water per day. Not only will this quench your thirst, but it can help clear your skin, make you feel more satiated and remove bad germs.

Exercising and moving your muscles will help your insides work normally and will reduce bloating. Inhaling fresh air from running outside or practicing yoga and deep breathing will also relax your body and help you excrete routinely. Lastly, be sure to grub on fresh fruits and veggies. The fiber from these foods helps with the discharge process and aids the release of toxins. Prunes and other dried fruits also work if you’re looking for something easy to have on-the-go.