Have you wondered what your favorite Disney princess drank on her 21st birthday? I have. I personally love to picture Cinderella pounding shots at the bar harder than her evil stepsister trying to fit her foot into her shoe.

While we've grown up watching tons of Disney princesses fall in love and find their "happily ever after," we all know they had their fun off screen. Every girl who knows how to have a good time also likes to sip their favorite drink at a bar on a Thursday night. Therefore, I've summed up all our childhood favs in modern day. 

Snow White: Poison Red Appletini

We all pick our poison, and Snow has her own experience with that. Therefore, Red Appletini is Snow's favorite because it's her infamous snack juiced and with a little kick. Even Prince Charming won't be able to wake her up the next morning after a night of Red Appletinis.

Cinderella: Champagne

champagne, wine, toast
Lucy Carlisle

Cindy doesn't f*ck around with Svedka. She's a girl who likes order and elegance. Therefore, champagne is Cinderella's go-to when she hosts cocktail parties with the prince and mingles with the commoners. When you go from rags to riches, it deserves a toast. 

Ariel: Strawberry Daiquiri, With an Umbrella on Top

Up where they walk, up where they run, and of course, up where they drink. Ariel sits on the beach and sips her daiquiri until her dad calls her home for curfew. She's a tropical girl, who often spends her time on the beach mingling with her fellow pirates. When on land, she has to make this drink a part of her world.

Sleeping Beauty: Rosé

tea, coffee, sake, milk
Kristine Mahan

Sleeping Beauty is plush, and light—just like Rosé. She wants something that can go down easy. And it's only a plus that her drink matches her outfit. She's sweet like sugar, and there's a lot of sugar in Rosé.

Mulan: Straight Shots... No Chaser

Mulan loves herself a challenge. She's a fighter and doesn't believe in taking the easy route. Therefore, she's all about a nice, plain vodka (no flavor) and taking it down like a champ. Chasers are for the weak, and Mulan is definitely not weak. 

Pocahontas: Sangria 

wine, sweet, juice, alcohol, tea, liquor
Emily Genzer

Pocahontas not only wants all the colors of the wind in her drink but would like to be three sheets to the wind as well. Because she's so natural and earthy, a nice organic sangria does just the trick. Therefore, she blends all the fruity, wholesome blends of the earth into one drink and sips away. 

Jasmine: Starstruck Goose Cocktail

cocktail, juice, ice, sweet
Abigail Wilkins

Jasmine has only three wishes, and at least two of them are to be blackout by 11:00 pm. But she doesn't need to rub a lamp to get what she wants. Jasmine has the world at her feet and sips Starstruck Goose Cocktail to get her juices flowing.

While some might think that Jasmine is wholesome and docile, she loves a good ride on her magic carpet. With that being said, she needs a strong punch of Goose in her drink to fully satisfy her. 

Belle: Chardonnay 

Belle, in many ways, reminds me of a nurturing mother. She cares for the Beast and all the teacups that run around her house, but at the end of a long day, she needs to kick her feet up and sip a tall glass of wine. We all know Belle was rewarded for loving her beast, and she rewards herself every night by killing a bottle of chardonnay, similarly to how she killed that curse on him. 

It's a whole new world... of drinks. Next time you're watching your favorite Disney movie, think of this. Every girl likes to let her hair down once in awhile, and who are we to judge a princess's favorite pastime?