I have been a personal fan of Disney Princess movies since 2002. Cinderella? Dressed as her for Halloween three years in a row. Jasmine? She's my spirit princess. If that's even a thing.

But what's little known about Disney Princesses is that they're from various different regions around the world. And with international locations comes international food. So I've complied a list of foods that Disney Princesses would eat, according to where they're from.

Belle: French Cuisine

Taylor Choi

Escargot? French Onion Soup? Baguettes with paté? All options that this Beauty feasts like a Beast on — given that she originates from France. I mean, can't you picture her going to the marché with a woven basket in hand?

Jasmine: Middle Eastern Cuisine 

Nina Lincoff

Jasmine's ethnic tastes are much like my own – coming from the Middle East, she most likely eats lamb and rice stuffed in some sort of vegetable. Oh, and don't forget about the tahini. Every Middle Eastern princess loves her tahini.

Mulan: Chinese Cuisine

ravioli, gyoza, dumpling
Maxwell Faucher

Peking duck, noodles, bao, and rice would be the main staples of Mulan's diet – and no, it's not the sesame chicken we're used to seeing in Chinese food representations in the US. 

Snow White: German Cuisine

Gabrielle Hedges

Originally from Germany, Snow White probably chows down on foods that I can't even begin to pronounce: schnitzel, käsespätzle, and kartofflepuffer. Who knows — maybe her and her dwarfs hit up Oktoberfest and enjoy some bretzels dipped in cheese sauce, with a side of real German beer. Prost!

Tiana: New Orleans Cuisine

crayfish, prawn, fish, shellfish, shrimp, seafood, crab, lobster
Katherine Chan

For Tiana, it's all about the crawfish, king cake, and sno-balls. Let's hope all of her Mardi Gras festivities aren't ruined by Dr. Facilier. I bet she's a regular at Cafe Du Monde.

Sleeping Beauty: British Cuisine

Jason Cruz

When this princess isn't getting in her zzz's, she's eating some of England's finest foods: baked beans for breakfast, fish and chips for lunch, and afternoon tea and crumpets. I wonder if she's as obsessed with Cadbury chocolate as I am.

Pocahontas: Powhatan Cuisine

Tiare Brown

What is Powhatan? It's the Native American tribe that inhabited Jamestown, Virginia way back when Europeans settled in America. This princess would typically eat maize, squash, turkey, deer, and possibly fish fresh from the ocean. And she would catch it all herself. What a woman.

Ariel: Danish Cuisine

Jocelyn Hsu

If she's not under sea as a mermaid, Ariel is on the main land eating all of the cheese and pastries she desires. During Christmas, she would eat aebleskiver — or round Danish pancakes filled with apples and topped with sugar. Can we all be Ariel?

Cinderella: French Cuisine

flour, wheat, dough, bread, pastry, sweet
Brittany Arnett

Just like Belle, Cinderella relishes in all of the amazing dishes that the French have to offer. I mean, after a few glasses of French wine, don't we all start losing our glass slippers?

Rapunzel: German Cuisine

chicken, meat
Jessica Spengler

Rapunzel may be letting down her hair for some dude, but I think she'd rather let it down to get some currywurst instead. Or at least that's what I would do.