Forty eight hours in the iconic food city of New Orleans, Louisiana may be short, but that doesn’t mean your meals have to suck. Even with just one weekend, you can fit in a culinary tour that rivals a Food Network marathon.

While there are thousands of delicious places to eat, it can be hard to choose exactly where to go. Here are 7 restaurants that everyone needs to try before hopping on a flight home.

1. Dat Dog

Dat Crawfish Dog #DatDog #BoutDatLife #fundayfriday

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Dat Dog is a hot dog lover’s heaven. With dogs ranging from the traditional beef to alligator and crawfish dogs, and toppings like hummus, guac, and pico, there are hundreds of combinations for any palate.

Must try: Étouffée fries and the Guinness Dog

2. Satsuma Café

New Orleans

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Satsuma Café has two locations: Maple Street and Dauphine Street. Satsuma Maple has a quintessential college vibe, located just a few blocks from Tulane and Loyola. From freshly pressed juices to amazing breakfast sandwiches, Satsuma will have you dreaming of brunch all day long.

Must try: Green Breakfast Sandwich

3. Rue de la Course 

If you’re too hip for Starbucks, check out Rue de la Course to get your caffeine fix. This quaint coffee shop is in an old bank, so the architecture is nearly as good as the latte you’re sipping.

Must try: Iced latte and a Downtown bagel sandwich

4. Cochon Butcher

New Orleans

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The Butcher is the sister lunch spot to one of New Orlean’s most beloved restaurants, Cochon. A vegan’s worst nightmare, the Butcher serves up insanely delicious meat-centric sandwiches and sells house made meats and sausages by the pound.

Must try: Smoked turkey sandwich and the mac n’ cheese

5. Willa Jean 

Seeded wheat + avocado + Serrano + poached egg. #breakfast #2moredays

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The perfect Instagram-worthy brunch spot. This popular restaurant also doubles as a bakery with amazing pastries, breads, and biscuits. Their coffee is top notch, too.

Must try: Avocado toast and a biscuit

6. Sucré

I'm starting with the mac in the mirror. #macaronmonday #macarons #macarontree

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When you want to feel fancy and French without a plane ticket to Paris, check out Sucré. You can get some legit macarons and gourmet chocolates that’ll make you feel like a real adult who doesn’t just binge eat Hershey’s kisses.

Must try: Southern pecan praline filled chocolates

7. Café Du Monde

Cafe Du Monde' beignets x frozen cafe au lait! #AdrienneInNOLA #EssenceFestival #CafeDuMonde #NewOrleans

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No NOLA trip is complete without a visit to this iconic institution. These beautiful puffs of fried dough covered in sweet powdered sugar will finish off your trip to New Orleans in the best way. Bonus points if you miraculously avoid spilling powdered sugar all over your clothes.

Must try: beignets, duh.