As the new school year slowly creeps up on us, we all need to buckle down and figure out what we’re going to do with the rest of our lives. Or what our major will be. Or at least what to eat for breakfast tomorrow morning. For some of us, study abroad will be an integral part of our college experience. But with so many countries in the world to choose from, it can be extremely difficult to pick one.

But have no fear, I’ve compiled a list of places to at least narrow down your choices, and all based on the most important part of your study abroad experience: the food.

Yes, the food. Ever hear of the “abroad fifteen?” Well, it’s as real as the “freshman fifteen.” Embrace it, because studying abroad is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and so is the ability to get real gelato within walking distance of your class.

1. Florence, Italy

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Photo by Brittany Arnett

Italy has unlimited pizza, pasta, gelato, cheese, wine. You get the point. Can you really ask for more?

If you find yourself in this beautiful city, there are more than a few restaurants worth trying, especially La Giostra Restorante where I had the best meal of my life, hands-down.

2. Prague, Czech Republic

study abroad

Photo by Shelby Jensen

Czech cuisine is a lot tastier than meets-the-eye. You might not be able to pronounce most of the items you see on restaurant menus, but do not let that discourage you. There are a slew of delicious underrated foods that the country has to offer.

3. Tel Aviv, Israel

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Photo by Polina Karachunsky

Israel’s food scene is no joke. They have everythingincluding outstanding sushi. Most of the cuisine is full of fresh Mediterranean flavors and staple foods like falafel, shawarma and shakshuka. But their classics are the only delicious treasures Tel Aviv has to offer.

4. Paris, France

study abroad

Photo by Savannah Carter

The city of love…for food. From fancy pastries and crêpes to savory onion soups and croque monsieurs, French food is seriously heavenly. There are almost too many things you must try when studying eating abroad in this amazing city.

5. Madrid, Spain

study abroad

Photo by Sarah Strong

Madrid, Spain is a seldom recognized foodie haven, and is also a place to break out of your tastebud comfort zone. Dishes like roasted blood (morcilla) and ox-tail stew (rabo de toro) are staples, and every classic dish is worth eating at least once.

6. Sydney, Australia

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Photo by Danielle Stuart

I mean, Australia blessed this world with avocado toast (known Down Under as “avocado smash”). Do you really need another reason?

Sydney is home to extremely healthy dishes—like açai bowls—and extremely unhealthy dishes alike. Oh, and kangaroo. You can eat kangaroo.

7. Buenos Aires, Argentina

study abroad

Photo by Lauren Blovad

Buenos Aires is a beautiful city with beautiful food. In fact, with empanadas, dulce de leche and tons of delectable sweets, the food might be prettier than the city itself.

Most importantly though, there’s red wine. Not just any red wine but Malbec, straight from the Mendoza region. Malbec is heavenly.

9. London, United Kingdom

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Photo by Rebecca Poole

Much more than the wonderfully crafted tea time (a whole meal dedicated to drinking tea and eating sweets? Count me in), London’s food scene is pretty expansive. Sure, there’s tons of British staples to chow down on, but there’s also a variety of cuisines that have perfected dishes in the UK, similar to the United States.

10. Brussels, Belgium

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Photo by Alyssa Vaughn

Belgium brought us waffles, decadent chocolate and speculoos (AKA cookie butter), but this country is made of much more than its incredible desserts. And it’s definitely the place to go for incredible French cuisine without being basic af and going to Paris like the rest of your abroad classmates.

11. Marrakesh, Morocco

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Photo courtesy of @tcuttie on Instagram

Whatever you eat in Morocco will probably be unlike any food you’ve had before. Moroccan cuisine varies its flavor pairings —like sweet and spicy, hot and minty—so each dish is bold and unique. Not to mention that the country’s mint tea and coffee choices are beyond delicious. You can always start by making this Moroccan-style roasted carrot dip yourself, too.