It seems like, in college, there’s never a wrong moment for macaroni and cheese. Late-night snack? Mac and cheese. Quick bite before class? Mac and cheese. Study marathon? You guessed it! Mac and cheese. Kraft Mac & Cheese has been a staple of my college experience, especially the single serving cups that are stupid easy to microwave and come in absolutely giant packs that fit conveniently under a dorm room bed. Kraft Heinz's newest macaroni and cheese product is a take on the creamy comfort food that ensures everyone can enjoy thanks to a key difference: It doesn't contain cheese.

Mac and Cheese Without Cheese?

Before you ask, “What’s macaroni and cheese without the cheese?” know that it’s not just macaroni that Kraft Heinz is selling. The company is debuting "Kraft NotMac&Cheese," a vegan mac and cheese with a plant-based sauce. The dairy-free product will come in two flavors — original and white cheddar — and will cost $3.49 a box.

Courtesy of Business Wire

Kraft Heinz partnered with TheNotCompany, a plant-based company, to craft its vegan take on a college staple. The product's sauce includes plant-based proteins and fats, including fava bean protein and coconut oil, to mimic the creamy consistency of Kraft you know and love minus the dairy. This isn’t Kraft’s first foray into vegan eats, though. The company debuted NotCheese Slices and NotMayo earlier this year, and NotMac&Cheese will be hitting shelves this month.