There’s been a plethora of scary food combos this year: mustard Skittles, pickle wine spritzes, and chicken smoothies. The scariest one, though, is arriving just in time for spooky season this year: you can now enjoy Kraft Mac & Cheese, Oscar Mayer, and Claussen Pickles in candy form.

Wait, what is this cursed candy?

The Kraft Heinz Variety Pack is rolling out on shelves for the first time this Halloween season, offering an assortment of individually wrapped Kraft Mac & Cheese noodle candy, Oscar Mayer hot dogs candy, and Claussen pickles gummy candy. And if you’re not a pickle person (or just love a good bowl of mac), you can also find individual Kraft Mac & Cheese gummies in the iconic blue box for sale.

Photo Courtesy of Kraft Heinz

Where can I buy the Kraft Heinz Variety Pack?

Even if you don’t like pickles (or pasta, or hot dogs), you can still enjoy these fruit-flavored gummies starting now: The Kraft Heinz Variety Pack is rolling out now through September at retailers nationwide, including Walgreens, Target, Meijer, Big Lots, Supervalu, and more, as well as on the Frankford website. Bags of the fruit-flavored gummies will also be sold at Family Dollar and Dollar General in the Halloween Candy Section.

And don’t worry, you aren’t limited to spooky season: the individual box of Kraft Mac & Cheese gummies is available year-round at Walmart, Five Below, Amazon, and the Frankford website for $4.