Food art is undeniably trendy. My favorite coffee shop at home has a latte art award (not sure who awards them, but that's cool), avocado toast is now the perfect opportunity for a rose, and even Oreos are getting artsy. The newest food art to make it big on Insta is pancake art. If you have not spent two hours watching pancake art videos, do you even have an Insta?

Pancake art is basically the process of turning your basic breakfast food into a work of art, and it's not as hard as it looks. You can either DIY it or buy a pancake art kit if you're feeling lazy. I most definitely will be purchasing a kit because my art skills leave something to be desired (no matter what my mama says).

If you're looking to be mesmerized, here are some cool pancake art videos on Instagram. Bon appetit. 

1. Doggy Pancakes

I need one of these videos for my German Shepard, Zoë. However, I honestly do not know how anyone could eat such a beautiful representation of an animal, even in pancake form. 

2. 44th Best Pancake President

This pancake may not be approved by the Michelle Obama 'Let's Move' initiative, but my stomach is into it. This gives me hope for a more delicious future.

3. The 2016 Face-Off: Pancake Edition

A bit more of the political pancakes: this video features a head to head between Hillary and Trump (RIP Hillz, still not over it). Watch until the end for an even scarier surprise than the election results. 

4. Pancakes with a Side of McDonald's

All good foods are inspired by other foods, and this McDonald's fries pancake is no exception. My question is: do you eat this with ketchup or maple syrup? 

5. Poopmoji

Honestly I still do not understand the purpose of this emoji, but I love that it has gotten so big that we're putting it on a pancake. It ain't poopy at all. 

6. Cheeri-Octopus

Is it just me, or was your only thought throughout the video what type of Cheerios were used? I personally am ride or die with Honey Nut, but I could see frosted tasting good with this.

7. The Iconic Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga wasn't born this way; she was cooked this way (I'm so sorry, I couldn't resist the pun). 

8. Snow-pancakeman

Do you want to build a snowman? This is truly what Elsa and Anna should have made to reconnect. I also love this video because, unlike most of the others, it actually seems feasible to DIY. 

9. Basic Girl Pancakes: Starbucks Edition

Anyone who knows me is aware that I live on Starbucks. I go at least twice a day, and I've timed my mobile orders like a pro. This pancake is truly my spirit embodied in a brunch item, and I am in love with it. 

10. A Pancake Within a Pancake: Pancakeception

It's a pancake within a pancake, and I'm obsessed. I love the attention to detail on this art piece, and I legit would believe the syrup was real if I hadn't seen it prepared. 

11. Truly Insta-Worthy Pancake

Because where else am I going to watch endless food videos and waste hours of my day? Instagram is truly the best and worst invention in the world, and I'm 1000% obsessed. 

12. Crying Kim Pancake

I've never felt more spiritually connected to a face in my life. I have picstiched Kim Kardashian crying pics with my own tearful face on many occasions, and there is nothing I'd rather do than eat a pancake that expresses such emotion. 

These cool pancake videos videos have honestly made the classic brunch dilemma even harder. Now, I don't just have to debate pancakes vs. waffles, but also Kim or Starbucks pancakes. These are the questions that keep me up at night.