Donald Trump is running for president of the United States and has been campaigning across the country for over a year now. Sure, he attends press conferences and holds rallies, but what happens when he gets hungry? What does he eat while he's on the Campaign Trail? The answers may or may not surprise you.

His Own Grill

The most popular place Trump goes to eat is... Trump Grill! Apparently, he is a big fan of the taco bowls made there because they are simply the best.

Over the past year, Trump and his team have eaten at the Trump Grill, as well as his other restaurant, Trump Cafe, more than 34 times. It seems like Trump loves eating at his own restaurants, almost as much as Kanye loves Kanye.


After the Trump Grill, Donald is lovin' himself some McDonald's. He and his team have made 16 visits there in the past year. This is Trump's most visited restaurant chain besides his own. McDonald's might not be the healthiest place, but options are limited when trying to take the road to the White House.

American Food

It is obvious that Trump prefers standard American food as shown by his 78 visits to restaurants that serve those types of meals. His main dish usually consists of a sandwich, steak, pizza or hamburger. In contrast, Trump has only eaten at places serving non-American food eight times on the trail.

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Compared to Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump spends more money on food despite having a smaller staff. (Clinton has a staff of about 700, while Trump's staff is a tenth that size.)

Since January of 2015, Trump has spent $2,377 on food per person. Trump also prefers actual restaurants, whereas Clinton prefers buying groceries at Walmart or Target with over 125 visits combined.

Whether you support Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump this election season, try out a few of Mr. Trump's favorite eats and see why he likes them so much!