We've all been there, scrolling through the Instagram discover page or Facebook when all the tension in your body is suddenly released by that magical video. The artist glides across the canvas with grace and you anxiously wait for the magical moment when the image is flipped to reveal a masterpiece. What makes this art better? You can eat it (for breakfast and with a side of bacon please!). 

Pancake art is taking over the internet as it captures art and food lovers alike. I collected the best of the best to soothe your stress and excite your taste buds. 

1. Elsa

How amazing is this pancake? I just can't let it go. This Elsa pancake is a step up from a whipped cream smile on a pancake. 

2. Elvis Presley 

The king is back and in pancake form. This artist's beautiful recreation of Elvis Presley is extremely impressive. 

3. Waffle Pancake

Some major breakfast food inception with this waffle pancake (paffle if you will). This pancake is the easiest solution when you can't decide what to have for breakfast.

4. Coffee 

Coffee with breakfast is given a whole new definition when your breakfast is the coffee (trippy, right?). 

5. Kitten-cake

A kitten pancake is equally delicious and adorable!

6. McDonald's Fries

Not only are these French fries incredibly realistic, but they turn a favorite junk food into breakfast. 

7. Movie Snacks

Why not have a pancake for a movie snack? 

8. Lazy Sloth

Mornings can be lazy, so move at the speed of a sloth and savor this artistic pancake. 

9. Puppy pancake

Dogs are a man's best friend and so is food. With this pancake you get an adorable pal and a yummy breakfast. 

10. Bouquet 

Breakfast in bed is usually served with flowers for a special occasion, but this is all in one. Two birds with one stone! 

11. Thanksgiving dinner

I don't know about you, but I am getting some mad Charlie and the Chocolate Factory flashbacks (hopefully without turning into a giant blueberry after this whole meal of pancakes).  

12. Kim K. crying

My mood now that this article is ending. I know! I feel you. Don't cry for long, a steaming stack of artistic pancakes can soothe your sadness.