Stop what you’re doing. We’ve just discovered the most mind-blowing thing EVER. Mentally prepare yourself to accomplish nothing for the rest of the day and allow us to introduce you to Nathaniel Shields of Saipancakes. He’s a math teacher, dad, and a freakin’ incredible pancake artist. His creations will not only make you hungry for some griddle goodies, they’ll wow your pants off with their detail and precision.

Pancake Art

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If only our dads’ imaginations, craftiness and pancake recipes could make everything from Yoda to various species of apes to Walter White. PANCAKES! Delicious, fluffy beautiful works of art. Nothing would be more legendary.

Check out Nathaniel’s website or Instagram, and you’ll instantly want to be his best friend (or child) and eat all of his insane pancake creations. He even has his own YouTube channel, which might very well be the greatest way to procrastinate EVER.

We’ve gathered up a few favorites below, showcasing Nathanial in his kitchen, with his kids, doin’ his thing.