As a resident of Chappaqua, NY, Hillary Clinton's hometown, I have had my fair share of Clinton spottings. Whether Hillary and Bill are taking a walk in Gedney park or marching in the Memorial Day parade, the Clintons are proud to be part of our sleepy commuter town—and especially when it comes to food.

Below are 5 of the restaurants Hillary loves to hit up when she's spending time off at home.

1. Crabtree Kittle House

Crabtree Kittle House is the Clintons' favorite restaurant not just in Chappaqua, but of all time. It's easy to see why. Known for having the largest wine collection in the country, Crabtree Kittle House is a colonial inn where locals often dine for discounted oysters on Wednesdays.

In fact, Hillary loves the Kittle House so much that she both delivered her DNC speech and hosted Chelsea's baby shower there! Many of my friends have also spotted her at the Kittle House with Bill on the Fourth of July because it's a prime spot to enjoy fireworks launched from a nearby country club.

2. Langes Little Store

If you live in Chappaqua, you know that Langes is the best place to get made-to-order sandwiches. Hillary has proclaimed it one of her local favorites many times, and she and Bill are often seen getting breakfast sandwiches from Langes to-go in brown paper bags.

3. Starbucks

Everyone's favorite chain coffee shop isn't too basic for the Clintons. If you want the best chance of spotting Bill in Chappaqua, you should hit up the local Starbucks. You'll find him ordering coffees for Hillary and himself. Bill almost always orders a decaf venti and makes sure to include a nice tip.

4. Basilico

Basilico is Hillary's go-to pizza place in Chappaqua. Like many New York pizzerias, the pizza here is thin-crust, flavorful and always hits the spot. Chappaqua itself is home to many pizza parlors, but this one always ranks at the top.

When I'm home, my friends and I often go out to Basilico or order the delicious pizza for delivery to one of our houses. And we never forget the garlic knots—they're to die for. Recently, when Hillary was recovering from pneumonia, a Basilico delivery van was spotted bringing fresh pizza to Hillary's Chappaqua home.

5. Le Jardin Du Roi

This cozy french bistro has also had its fair share of Clinton spottings. Serving perfectly cooked steaks for dinner and deliciously fluffy omelettes for brunch, Le Jardin du Roi is my personal favorite restaurant in Chappaqua, and evidently, a favorite of Hillary's as well. Bill and Hillary have been spotted enjoying a weekend dinner here or catching up with friends over lunch on the outside patio.