In college, Halloween costumes generally consist of devils, frat boys, favorite celebrities, and "Risky Business". And while these are all well and good, the idea of walking around during Halloweekend dressed as foods inspired by college life makes the foodie within me (and I'm sure many of you) sing with joy. Without further ado, here are 10 of the best college food halloween costumes.  

1. Pizza

Pizza is the quintessential college food, made especially for those times when you physically cannot eat another dining hall meal and need a break. You'll be the envy of every other party-goer (and their stomachs) if you show up in this DIY pizza costume. For the couples out there, a pizza and pizza delivery-man duo is cute and easy!

2. Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is a dorm room essential, and t-shirts like these make a perfect quick fix to the 'no costume ideas' problem. Bonus points if you get a friend to be the jelly to your peanut butter!

3. Microwave Popcorn

With a costume like this, you'll inspire that same feeling you had freshman year when the smell of microwave popcorn would waft through the halls. Pure happiness. Bringing a bag of Pop Secret out with you might just make you the most popular person at the party. 

4. Easy Mac

Mac & cheese may still be a part of many people's diets after college, but during those four years you will most likely consume more of it than during any other period of your life. Embrace this by working it into your Halloween plans! 

5. Fruit

This is a great costume for Saturday night at 10 pm when the whole gang has no costume prospects- grab colored t-shirts and a marker, and become fruit! The best part of this costume is that since there are so many different fruits to chose from, there's no limit to how many friends you can get involved. 

6. Coffee

This is perfect for those of us who just can't make it to our 8:30s without a cup of joe in hand. Go generic, or try a specific drink- a Dunkin Donuts fall flavor, a Frappuccino, or (everyone's fall favorite) the PSL. These can easily be done with colored dresses, paper rolled up into a straw, and a printed logo!

7. Ramen

Ah, ramen. Remind your friends of those nights when they just couldn't make it to the dining hall and made ramen instead, and inspire nostalgia in those who are past their ramen days. These costumes can be found all over the internet, and are easy to make yourself

8. Boxed Wine

While not technically a food, boxed wine is a college classic and these costumes are too colorful and fun to pass up (just like Franzia itself). A clear trash bag filled with colored tissue paper, or a colorful tutu will do the trick, and don't forget to enlist friends to be different flavors!

9. Ice Cream

This sugar-sweet costume is sure to make you some friends on Halloween night, especially if you bring along a pint of Ben & Jerry's and extra spoons! 

Spoon Tip: Looking for a Halloween treat while whipping up your yummy college food halloween costumes? Try these super easy halloween recipes with some friends!