Coconut Cloud is doing exactly what their name suggests: taking coconuts and turning them into light and tasty vegan food items. They found my collection of non-dairy food reviews and reached out to partner for this one: an article about one of my favorite beverages. They were kind enough to send me their vegan hot cocoa mix along with several flavors of their non-dairy coffee creamer packets. 

Coconut Cloud is a Denver-based company that makes all coconut-based, vegan products that are sold as powders. They ship directly from their website as well as sell on Amazon. The company is owned and run by women, and was founded in May 2016. 

Making the hot cocoa

The packet of hot cocoa mix had been sitting on my counter, tempting me, for several days before I had a chance to try it. I don't know what I was waiting for as it could not be easier to make. All you need to do is heat a mug of water and stir in the hot cocoa mix. Two steps. 

The mix stirs in easily, and doesn't settle at the bottom or get clumpy. It also works with oat milk, but I would not recommend using oat milk because the oat flavor can be overpowering. 

The simplicity of mixing this hot cocoa together makes it a perfect drink to take on the go. It's quick to make (especially if you use the pre-measured single serving packets), doesn't make a mess, and could even be made when you get to work (as long as you have hot water and a spoon). 

Arielle Gordon

Taste test

After letting it cool for a few minutes, I was ready to taste my hot cocoa. It was a good mug of make-at-home hot cocoa! It's not too coconut-y, and doesn't taste fake. I would have liked it to be a little bit sweeter, but less sugar is not a bad thing (especially when I drink it with a muffin for breakfast). 

It would probably be good if you make it with coconut milk, but I didn't have any on hand. Coconut-based whipped cream would make a nice topping, in addition to the marshmallows I had. 

Arielle Gordon

I wanted to add some extra flavor to my drink and took a packet of the salted caramel coffee creamer to mix in. It also mixes in well, and tasted great! The original flavor was a bit too coconut-y, but the salted caramel added a nice sweetness, and a bit of creaminess to the drink. It was certainly better than adding in flavor syrups or hot cocoa mix. 

The best thing about this product is that you don't have to explain it to anyone while you make it. I have had my fair share of trying to tell a barista that I want a drink made with almond milk and no whipped cream (and pay extra for it), only to have to stand there and watch to make sure they got it right. Making my hot cocoa at home lets me control what I put in it and I know that I am only eating what I want to be eating. Thanks Coconut Cloud, I'll be back for more soon!