It most definitely is the summer of salads. My FYP is full of Meredith Hayden of WishBone Kitchen posting super yummy bowls of greens and plenty of bird’s-eye view plates of pasta, cheese, tomatoes, and basil being mixed to perfection. But one pizza and sub shop in Somerville, Massachusetts took that literally.  

You might recognize Mortadella Head once you hear owner Chuck Sillari’s voice tell you what dish he’s servin’ up today. The now-famous TikTok chef started out as a real estate lawyer before opening the sub shop because “making food was much more fun than pushing papers.” The restaurant has always posted on TikTok but their viral chopped Caesar salad sub and cheesiest mac and cheese have put them on the map.

Why you need to try the chopped Caesar salad sub

In June, Mortadella Head posted a video making the chopped Caesar salad, but instead of serving it as is, they put it in a sub roll and created their chopped caesar salad sub. It’s got everything a typical caesar salad would have — romaine, chicken cutlet, Caesar dressing, parm — but puts it all in a garlic bread sub (to act as the "crouton") layered with prosciutto. 

According to one TikTok, a woman flew all the way from Texas just to try their iconic chopped salad sandwich. The girl math makes sense to me.

In another video, two guys from London flew in to try the iconic sub, and tbh I’ve never felt so left out. Maybe I should book a flight to Massachusetts?

The Caesar salad fries are the ultimate girl dinner

While every hot girl combo requires a salad with a side of fries, Mortadella Head tops the side of fries with Caesar salad, making it the ultimate girl dinner. This, along with a Diet Coke, would be *chef’s kiss.* You could also opt to top one of the pizza with the Caesar salad

Honorable Eats

Their tomato grilled cheese isn’t just any grilled cheese with tomato on it. Instead of simply putting tomato inside of the sandwich, they deep fry the cheese between two slices of tomato, and cover the bun in pesto and arugula with balsamic and salt.

I am a huge pickle girl, and their pickle pizza looks delicious, as does their turkey caprese sub.

While they’re still creating new recipes in their kitchen, for now their salad sandwiches and salad fries are on my list of meals to try, with Diet Coke obviously.