In case you haven’t been keeping up with your food holidays this summer, Tuesday is not only the last day of July, but it’s also National Guacamole Day. That means that tomorrow (or really ever), no amount of guac is too much. Chipotle is kicking off the celebration by giving out free guac.

Yes, tomorrow, July 31, guac is finally not extra. All you need to do to live the free guac life is purchase a Chipotle entree online or using their app. Once you download the app, place your order (at least one entree) with a side of guac. Then, use the coupon code "AVOCADO" at checkout, and you’ll be granted your complimentary dip. That’s all there is to it. 

The purpose of this promotion is to get more people to download the Chipotle app, which is a good idea if you ask me. What’s a quick download if you're getting a good deal? You can find other fun deals through the app as well, so it’s a win win for everyone, especially when there's free guac involved.