Everyone loves the Super Bowl. Whether it’s for the game, the commercials, the food, or the booze, there’s a reason for everyone to celebrate. Hormel has taken two of those favorites and combined them into one by creating a chili cheese dip beer. Yes, you read that right. A beer that tastes like a game-day classic, chili cheese dip.

Minnesota’s Modist Brewing, the brewery behind the beer, took a different approach on signature beer for the big game. Rather than create a beer that pairs well with the classic dip made with Hormel Chili, they’ve created a brew that incorporates the company’s dip. The brewery went all in by adding powdered cheese and chili spices, making it a “lightly hopped corn lager.”

After all of the crazy seltzer trends, flavors, and concepts that have been released, I’m not surprised to see beer getting in on the action. People will give almost any type of booze a shot.

While this concept sounded out of pocket at first, I considered beer cheese. The mixture of beer and cheese together makes a perfect dipping sauce for pretzels. However, the chili aspect is something that would throw me off. Would it feel like I was actually eating chili cheese dip or would it taste more like an expired dip that was left out overnight from the Super Bowl party? As a vegetarian (and a person with taste buds), I’m definitely hoping for option one.

While I would give it a try at any time (with a chaser, of course), it will definitely turn some heads at a Super Bowl party.

Want to try one? Just visit HormelChiliCheeseBrew.com.