My love for the show Lost will never die. I think about this show all the time, and naturally I need to vent my thoughts somehow. So my sister, who introduced me to the show, and I collaborated and assigned some characters from Lost their alcoholic beverage equivalents.

Sawyer: A shot of vodka

You know he isn’t good for you but you can’t help but want him. (Alternate choice: Sex on the Beach)

Desmond: A Zinfandel 

He’s complex and multi-layered. When you really think about it, he’s reliable and the best choice no matter what’s going on in your life.

Hurley: A Margarita

cocktail, ice, lime, juice, alcohol, tequila
Sarah Atallah

Sometimes he’s super sweet, sometimes pretty salty, and sometimes you really regret choosing him.

Sayid: Scotch

He's mature, pretty classy, and I don't fully understand him.

Kate Austen: Beer

beer, liquor
Carolina Conte

Any beer. She's pretty rugged and she's just one of the boys. Underwhelming.

Jack: White Wine

Women generally regard him as desirable, but he gives me a headache.

Nikki and Paulo: Fluffed Marshmallow Vodka

These two are fluffed marshmallow vodka because you never liked them and you forgot they existed.

Ben- Franzia

Kelli Haugh

You shouldn’t like him but you’ve grown to love him. Or as my sister suggested: “Ben is poisoned something” 

Locke: A Bloody Mary

vegetable, Cocktails, bloody mary, holding a cocktail
Alexandra Redmond

After a night of drinking, a Bloody Mary can save your life, just like Locke does for literally everyone on the island all the time.

Ana Lucia: Tequila

She’s rough around the edges, bad in all situations, and she might accidentally kill you. 

Charlie: Fireball

He’s bad and good at the same time. Sometimes he causes you pain, but you can't stay mad at him.

Claire: A Cosmopolitan

Maybe she was fun at one point, but now you just roll your eyes when her name is mentioned.

Richard: A Screwdriver

He’s a classic: dependable, versatile, and everyone loves him.

Michael: Nothing

He doesn’t deserve to be a drink.

Jacob: Brandy 

He's brandy because I’m honestly not sure if he exists.

Vincent: Jell-o shots

tea, juice
Amanda Shulman

Nice, approachable, sweet, and only comes around on special occasions. 

Mr Eko: Sangria made out of church wine

jam, sweet, marmalade, gelatin, juice, tea
Emily Genzer

The reasons are obvious.

And that's that. I'll see you in another life, brotha.