Crying baby got you down? Barking dog has you wanting to open the security door and make a run for it? Whatever it may be, flying is rarely an enjoyable activity. Luckily, I have a simple fix that allow's flyers to take comfort into their own hands — the inflight cocktail. These fun and easy cocktail recipes will help you reach your destination with more sanity and ease. 

1. Bloody Mary

cocktail, ice, juice, vodka, tequila
Rachel Weil

To make this, you'll need vodka and tomato juice. If you're craving more spice, pack a travel-sized hot sauce in your carry-on to sprinkle over your drink.

2. Mimosa 

cocktail, juice, alcohol, ice
Tarika Narain

The only things in a mimosa are orange juice and Champagne. This classic pick-me-up tastes just as in the air as it does at brunch.

3. White Russian 

You'll ned just vodka and coffee liqueur (Baileys works) to make an epic white Russian. Pour in half & half to taste and you're done!

4. Screwdriver

juice, sweet, cocktail, orange juice, smoothie, ice, milk, orange squash
Jocelyn Hsu
A blend of orange juice and vodka, the screwdriver is one of the easiest cocktails, but it's a classic. Bonus: the ingredients are always available on a plane.   

5. Gin and Tonic

lime, juice, cocktail, ice, citrus, lemon, alcohol, water, tonic
Kaylee McIntosh

With just tonic water and gin (who would have guessed?), a gin and tonic is stupid simple to make. Pour over ice and ask a flight attendant for a lime wedge.

6. Sangria 

wine, alcohol, liquor, juice, ice, cocktail
Susanna Mostaghim

To make a sangria, you'll need red wine and orange/cranberry juice. Real fruit is obviously ideal, but this simple recipe does just the trick. Pour over ice and enjoy.

7. Margarita 

cocktail, juice, ice, alcohol, liquor, lime, sweet, mint, lemon
Katherine Richter

Throw together some tequila, orange juice or lemonade, and Sprite for a tasty inflight margarita. A modified version, but just as tasty. Line the rim with salt and pop on a lime slice if you're feeling fancy!

Hopefully these cocktails help get you to your next destination more smoothly. But remember to drink responsibly because no one likes a drunk, rowdy passenger. Happy flying!