Every semester, Dining Services comes up with some pretty jazzy changes to menu items across campus. This semester, they have completely new changes to the 7th Street Cafe menu.

From Tumeric lattes, to pourovers, this small liberal arts college is taking the hipster cafe to a new, collegiate level.  

New Cups and Glasses

Dannah Strauss

7th Street Cafe’s desire to increase sustainability and offer more to-stay options prompted a revamp of glassware. From espresso cups, to mugs for capuccinos, to tall sleek iced coffee glasses, 7th has never looked better. 

No More Starbucks

While we may all love Starbucks coffee, it just isn’t the same as those hipster-local-blends you can find at a NYC coffee shop.

Now you can have way more varieties of coffee and know that you did some good by purchasing a cup from this local vendor with a sustainable mission. 

Golden Latte

soup, pumpkin
Dannah Strauss

Many are frightened by the vibrant, spiceful components of this yellow beverage, however, that’s because this latte is made with Tumeric, which is a super ingredient that aids inflamation.

This vegan latte is made with coconut milk, coconut sugar, and is caffeine free so it’s good for any time of day. It’s sweet, warming, and packed with antioxidants. 

Two Leaves & A Bud

Although we love Tazo tea, its partnership with Starbucks prevented us from continuing to promote their products. It’s okay, though, because we are welcoming some unique flavors like organic peppermint and alpine blueberry. 

Two Leaves & Bud is the company we use instead and it's phenomenal. Also with a sustainable mission, this company strives to create unique herbal and caffeine teas. 

Pourover Coffee 

7th Street has really gone all Brooklyn on us with this one. Pourover cover coffee is all the rage because it's said to have more of a robust flavor profile, and it looks pretty professional. 

Move over standard cup of Joe. 

Flowering Tea For Two

As if all these changes weren’t fancy enough, you can now recreate a classy high tea experience with flowering tea for two. Grab a friend, significant other, or professor and watch as your tea blossoms right before your eyes.