It's physically impossible to dislike Betty White. With over 70 years of show business under her belt, you could say she knows a thing or two about what it takes to be a larger-than-life celebrity. I didn't fully appreciate Betty White to her fullest until I got to college and began watching some of her earlier films. What those movies showed me is how utterly amazing this woman is, and they gave me a new appreciation for her.

Even at 94 years old, Betty's still acting in movies with no plans of stopping any time soon (and her libido is apparently as high as ever). Naturally, I was curious to find out what foods have kept her fueled for so long. As it turns out, she's not the health food lover I would have pegged her for.

1. French fries

chili, chicken
Becky Hughes

That's right, Betty White doesn't take issue with downing some fries with her meals. Apparently, the trans fats in French fries aren't as bad as I thought. What I really want to know though is whether she dips her French fries in ketchup or eats them plain.

2. Hot dogs

hot dog, beef, bun, bread, sausage
Zoe Zaiss

Betty's said many times how much she loves a good hot dog with her French fries. It sounds like she's not too picky with the brand, which I can appreciate. If she's not eating a hot dog for lunch, she's usually having something "equally devilish." 

3. Minimal Breakfast

granola, yogurt, berry, porridge, oatmeal, muesli, blueberry, milk, cereal, sweet
Becky Hughes

Betty White apparently didn't get the memo that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. While it doesn't sound like she skips it altogether, she's clearly not a huge fan of the meal. I bet she'd like a slice of breakfast pizza though. 

4. Sandwich for Lunch

cheese, lettuce, bacon, sandwich
Nicole Lacasse

Our favorite leading lady sticks to a simple sandwich for lunch most days, then heads home to unwind. Do you think she gets a sandwich for her dog, too? 

5. Vodka and Soda

Every night, Betty drinks a vodka and soda before dinner with her dog, Pontiac. She says, "You can't get much better." I agree wholeheartedly. 

6. Red Whips

Fellow actors have noted time and again Betty White's love for licorice. To her credit, she's aware of her addiction and admits that Red Whips "are her curse." 

7. Never Diets

sweet, grapefruit, lime, lemon, citrus, juice
Paulina Lam

While other celebs stick to rigorous diets, Betty's never been about that yo-yo diet life. When thinking back on the grapefruit diet, she says "I like grapefruit, but I also love other things." She's definitely right on this point, because drastic diets are never a good way to lose weight. 

8. Rarely Cooks

vegetable, guacamole, avocado
Arisa Toyosaki

This might come as a shock, but Betty White rarely steps foot in her kitchen. She says the only time she goes into it is to feed her dog. My initial reaction to this was absolute horror, but seeing as she's a healthy 94-year-old badass, I really can't judge.

9. Potato Chips

french fries, corn, potato, chips, salt
Emily Palmer

French fries aren't the only potato product Betty White loves. Right up there next to hot dogs and licorice, potato chips are one of of her all-time favorite foods. I have a hunch that she's a classic Lay's type of gal, but I could be wrong.

10. Diet Coke

ice, liquor, beer, alcohol, wine, coffee
Bethany Garcia

Diet coke is another vice of Betty's, and it's no wonder since she seems to work non-stop. I'm surprised she doesn't have a caffeine IV. A co-star once speculated that Betty looks so great because the preservatives in all her favorite foods keep her preserved—interesting theory.

Betty White is many things: actress, humanitarian, and (apparently) a junk food lover. Whether or not her diet has really helped her live such a long and fulfilling life, I'm still a big fan and hope she has many more movies still to come. Here's to you, Betty.