Warm weather is fast approaching. Summer is a time filled with fun and free time. An ideal summer day is spent at the pool with some close friends. This summer, I hope we are all able to spend some quality time with friends at the pool. Good poolside snacks are crucial for a good day in the sun.  Here are some snacks that are must-haves at pool parties this summer. 

Potato Chips

No one can deny the salty and crunchy goodness that a potato chip brings on a warm sunny day. Drinking an ice-cold lemonade or soda with potato chips right next to the pool, what could be better? They can also be paired with the dips on the table also for an extra kick!

Carrots and Hummus

cucumber, vegetable, pasture
Kimberly Kao

It is always important to have a nice vegetable on the snack spread. Balance is essential when you are eating all day. There will be a lot of food, might as well get in something healthy. Carrots and Hummus are a timeless snack, it will never get old.


Cucumbers are another vegetable that is perfect for the poolside spread. They also pair well with hummus and have a great crunch! Plus, they are hydrating!

Tortilla Chips

Tortilla chips pair perfectly with salsa and guacamole. Chips and guacamole are always a crowd-pleaser. The bowl of chips and dips will be gone in seconds. It is a perfect snack to munch on while lounging with friends in the sun. 


watermelon, melon, sweet, juice
Jocelyn Hsu

Watermelon is nice and refreshing on a hot summer day. It is sweet and hydrating. It is perfect snack right after sitting in the sun for hours. After sitting in the sun, it is important to rehydrate!


Pretzels are another salty snack that I love to have after getting out of the pool. They are crunchy and can also be dipped into hummus or salsa as well for a kick!


juicy, berry, berries, stems, boxes, strawberries, strawberry, Green, Red, sweet, Summer, farm, Organic, Fresh, Fruit
Katie Kasperson

Blueberries and strawberries are yummy fruits to also include on the table poolside. They are also a perfect addition to the Fourth of July pool party! Red, White, and Blue!

Mini Hot Dogs

Mini hot dogs remind me of my childhood. Anytime I think back on my childhood summers, I always see mini hot dogs. They are the perfect mini snacks. The plate of them will be gone in seconds!

Chocolate Chip Cookies

cookie, chocolate, goody, sweet, cake, pastry, chocolate cookie, candy
Scott Harrington

I love something sweet any time of day. After eating pretzels and chips, I need something like a chocolate chip cookie. I don't care if the chocolate chips are melting all over my hands, it still tastes amazing. These are a must for me!

Ice Pops

watermelon, strawberry, ice
Jackie Kuczynski

Ice pops are so refreshing and nostalgic. There are also so many flavors to choose from. At the end of the nice hot day, an ice pop is a perfect snack!

All of these snacks must be at the pool party this summer. The mixture of salty, sweet, healthy, and unhealthy snacks creates an excellent mixture of snacks. These snacks are crucial to staying happy and hydrated. Also, don't forget to wear sunscreen and drink water to ensure happiness!