Going to school in New York City calls for some great experiences and fun nights out, but returning to campus and trying to find something to eat that you have not been eating every day for the past three weeks can be difficult. There are quite a few places to eat on campus that many never try and there are also ways to make anything from Montgoris taste better.

Campus Dining:

Photo Courtesy of www.dineoncampus.com

Red Storm Diner: The diner is a great place to get something sweet or greasy after getting back on campus or when you have those late night study sessions. Try a s’mores milkshake, onion rings, a brownie sundae, or a breakfast burrito.

Open Monday – Wednesday 5pm – 2am; Thursday & Friday 5pm – 3am; Saturday 8pm – 3am; Sunday 8pm – 2am.

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Montgoris Dinning Hall: Since the new renovations, Monty’s has added some delicious, new food stations such as the Hikari station. Students are now able to choose what they would like in their stir-fry whether it be noodles, rice, chicken, tofu and more. Another station that is always a crowd favorite is Angela’s omelets. Students can get a freshly made omelet with anything they want in it as long as they are willing to wait in line, which can sometimes take a while.

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On the weekends, Monty’s offers tater tots that go well with the fresh pancakes that are made at the Hikari station. And since everyone loves ice cream, why not make your own sundae at the ice cream station? There are a variety of flavors and toppings to choose from that will please anyone’s sweet tooth. Don’t forget to grab a banana at the end of the dessert counter to make a banana split!

#spoontip: throw the ice cream sundae on top of a waffle and share it with friends.

Open Monday – Thursday 7am – 10pm (closed 3:30 – 5pm for reset); Friday 7am – 7:30pm; Saturday 10:30am – 7:30pm; Sunday 10:30am – 8:30pm. 

Campus Food Trucks:

Photo courtesy of Lou’s Food Truck Facebook

Lou’s Food Truck: Lou’s offers amazing build-your-own grilled cheese sandwiches that range in prices from $6 to $7. They also offer breakfast sandwiches from $3-$5 and combination dishes that include a grilled cheese, fries, and fried cheesecake for $9.

Open 10:30am-3pm (for the rest of February).

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Wafels & Dinges: These waffles take a delicious twist on the Belgian. The truck sells not only sweet waffles but also savory, as well. The most popular waffle is the throwdown ($7). It was the waffle that won against Chef Bobby Flay and has garnered much attention since. The soft, gooey waffle is served hot and covered in Spekuloos-cookie butter and whipped cream. The Belgian hot chocolate ($4) is a perfect match on a cold day. The truck arrives on campus every Tuesday until 10 pm.