With Valentine’s Day approaching, it’s time to think about what your significant other would want for the special holiday. If they’re big on food, then you’re in the right place.

We compiled 20 affordable fun foodie gifts for him, for her, and a couple for either, encompassing just about everybody. From food you can order to food-themed jewelry, there are so many cute options for gifts that will not only make your partner’s day, but are meaningful and useful. These gifts aren’t just gifts; they’re necessities for your foodie’s day-to-day!

Without further ado, here are the food gifts you need to get for your Valentine:

Gifts For Him

1. Getting Saucy: Street Food Sauces 7-Piece Gift Set, $11

Go above and beyond for him by heading to Bed, Bath, and Beyond to pick up this very spicy sauce gift set. Perfect for the sauce aficionado. ;)

2. For the Sporty One: The Mug with a Hoop, $30

If your man loves playing basketball and drinking, this silly gift is for him. 

Sipping on a hot cup of coffee in the morning will be made just a little more fun with a friendly competition.

3. On a Budget: Perfect Pair Fridge Magnets, $2

These fridge magnets are a great gift for him to think about the two of you whenever he eats! And, it’s perfect if you’re on a budget, or need something small to complement your other gift.

4. For the Chefs: Dockorio Kitchen Knife Set, $43

From steaks, to breads, to just vegetables, this new kitchen knife set is sharpened and ready for your cooking desires! Visit Amazon to purchase it and watch your man cook dinner for you; it’s a mutually beneficial gift.

5. For the Meat-Lovers: Nuts & Jerky Gift Basket, $39

If your man loves beef, pork, and steaks, then this gift basket is for him.

It comes with two distinct nut flavors and ten beef sticks, in different flavors, and can easily be shipped if you’re scrambling for a good gift.

6. A Sweet Treat: Red Glass Candy Plate, $19

Fill this adorable candy plate up with your partner’s favorite sweet treat, and voila: a delicious and beautiful gift for Valentine’s Day.

Gifts for Her

7. A Sweet Tooth: Chocolate Cookies Gift Basket, $20

Who doesn’t love a couple of chocolate cookies delivered right to their S/O’s doorstep? These Coco Moons are the perfect gift for any holiday, but especially Valentine’s Day as us ladies love chocolate and quick bites to binge on!

8. For the Taco-Obsessed: Tiny Taco Earrings, $22

If she’s into jewelry and, in particular, tacos, this is a great find for her! The tiny taco earrings are cute and go well with any spunky outfit.

9. For the Romantic Ones: Deluxe Chocolate-Covered Strawberries, $40

Those out there who are hopeless romantics would obviously love receiving chocolate-covered strawberries.

This romantic gift from Williams-Sonoma makes for a great complement to a Valentine’s Day picnic or a dinner at home.

10. The Funny Ones: Food & Lyric-Themed Kitchen Wall Prints, $15

If you and your partner enjoy a good laugh, these wall prints might be just the goofy gift to spread some positivity in your relationship.

11. The Healthy Eaters: Fruit Necklace, $10

If your partner is obsessed with fruits, this is one that will surely catch her eye. This fruit necklace is not only at a very reasonable price, but it also comes in a variety of different fruits, including but not limited to kiwis, apples, and cherries.

12. Edible Arrangements: Valentine’s Day Berry Bouquet, $50

Edible Arrangements is one of our favorite food delivery services, so we absolutely recommend trying this delectable and elegant bouquet! 

13. For the Self Care-Lover: Lemon Pound Cake Scented Candle, $16

A spa day is just what your partner needs, and this candle is a great complement to it! This lemon pound cake-scented candle smells delicious, but quick warning, it might make you both very hungry.

Miscellaneous Gifts

14. That’s so Punny: Wanna Nacho Unisex T-Shirt, $20

Another one for the comical ones here: this t-shirt, coming in men, women, and youth sizes and five different colors, is cleverly humorous, using some of our favorite foods: avocado, nachos, and tacos.

15. For the Pasta Lovers: Authentic Gourmet Pasta Making Kit, $15

A classical Italian dinner on Valentine’s Day is probably one of the most romantic stereotypical dates that a couple could have. So, why not spice it up by making pasta together?

16. A Little Bit Cheesy: Cheese Fondue Party Set, $41

Maybe be a little less cheesy on the card, but this cheese fondue party set would be the perfect date night for you and your partner.

17. S’more Love: Electric S’mores Making Kit, $25

Though it is a traditional campfire vibes activity, s’mores making could end up being a very fun and delicious date night for foodies.

18. For the Long Distance Ones: Valentine’s Day Care Package, $30

If you can’t be next to your loved ones this year, this care package is a crafty way to show you care for them on this special day. The care package consists of everything your food-obsessed partner could want or need: pretzels, granola bars, fruit snacks, Goldfish, and so much more.

19. For the Burrito Lovers: Tortilla Throw Blanket, $28

Another one for the Mexican food lovers! This tortilla throw blanket not only keeps you warm like a burrito, but it’s also multifunctional and makes for a cute piece in a foodie household.

20. Caffeine-Addicted: Cold Brew/Iced Coffee Maker & Tea Infuser, $33

And, finally, we can’t forget the coffee lovers.

This cold brew maker is the perfect gift if your partner loves mixing it up by making their own coffees or teas.

Happy Valentine's Day!