TikTok's pickle queen Izzy, aka Iz Eats Everything, is no stranger to playing with food. You may have seen her craft everything from Old Bay pickles and Blue Takis pickles all the way to pickle tacos and pickle salsa. While not every experimental concoction is a certified winner, her latest viral pickle blend might be the thing that both pickle lovers and cinema fanatics adore: Barbie pickles. 

While there are many Barbie food collabs you can buy in-store or at theaters, including the Swoon x Barbie Pink Lemonade and N!ck's Strawberry White Ice Cream Bar, you can definitely make amazing pink-tinged snacks and Malibu-inspired drinks at home, too. So, if you're a certified pickle girlie and are seeing the Barbie movie more than once this summer in theaters, you just might need to try out this Barbie pickle recipe ASAP. 

What's in Barbie Pickles?

Of course, the snack starts with sliced cucumbers. Iz decided to crinkle-cut hers. She then uniquely added sliced lemon into her jars with cucumbers as well. The brine had a "strawberry lemonade vibe" with its combination of water, Strawberry Lemonade Vitamin Water, red wine vinegar, distilled vinegar, strawberry jam, salt, and watermelon-flavored Jolly Ranchers. She then heated her brine so the salt dissolved, poured it into the jar, and let the pickles set for a few days. Basically, TikTok could not wait to see how these turned out. 

The Barbie pickles review:

I'm a dill pickle fiend, so I was initially skeptical about Izzy's review of her pink pickle recipe. However, they basically rocked!

"I don't hate these at all, and I don't like sweet pickles," she said. "The Vitamin Water gives it a refreshing flavor, and then you can taste the citrusy lemon, and the punch from the Watermelon Jolly Rancher... my mind is blown." 

Out of 10, Iz rates it a whopping 8.5 and promises to experiment with other Jolly Rancher flavors with pickles. I cannot wait to see what Blue Raspberry turns into as a pickle. 

Other Barbie-Inspired TikTok Recipes: 

If you want to explore more pink foods in your own kitchen, TikTok chefs have been ruling the internet with their creations.

Looking for a romantic pink date night food? This creamy pasta is more than ideal between its ease to make and overall aesthetic.   

You can finish off your meal with cute pink cupcake ice cream cones. Plus, you can plan to have delicious pink popcorn during your at-home watch party once Barbie hits streaming, too.