I’ve eaten my fair share of bacon, egg, and cheeses. I’m probably up there in the hundreds, maybe even thousands. Seriously, ask any of my friends what I’m eating the morning after going out and it's a BEC. I would call it my guilty pleasure, but I’m not guilty about it at all. Honestly, I’m proud. And you know what? This classic breakfast sandwich has actually saved me on more than one occasion. I’m not exaggerating when I say that a BEC can cure your hangover misery, just as it has for me numerous times before. We’re talking no more throbbing headache. No more nausea. Actually making it to class at 10 am Friday morning. 

I decided to finally do some research to find out why a BEC was actually working when nothing else seemed to, and there definitely is some science to back up why a BEC can cure your hangover. Each of the components, bagel included, actually serve a purpose in alleviating your hangover symptoms. 


Sydney Rosenstein

Drinking alcohol can really mess with your head, as most of you are probably aware. It actually uses up neurotransmitters, which makes thinking clearly about anything almost impossible. Bacon contains lots of amino acids that can help restart those neurotransmitters and get you thinking straight. Researchers also found that concentrated doses of carbs and protein speed up your metabolism, aka eliminate the alcohol from your body and start feeling like yourself again.


Sydney Rosenstein

Eggs are superfoods that are filled with proteins and omega-3 fatty acids. This will not only fill you up after a night of drinking, but also give you the necessary vitamins and minerals that your body is seriously lacking. Eggs also have a lot of cysteines, a super important amino acid. This substance actually works to break down the toxin acetaldehyde, which is what’s causing your dreadful hangover in the first place. 


Sydney Rosenstein

This is my favorite part. Cheese is filled with all the good stuff: proteins, enzymes, calcium. Everything you don't know you're looking for when you wake up hungover. Cheese will also coat your stomach, helping to ease that nausea. 

#SpoonTip: Ask for double cheese to get that cheese pull.


Choosing the right bagel for your BEC is crucial, especially because you need complex carbs, not simple ones. This means choosing a whole wheat or multi-grain bagel instead of your usual sesame or everything. The consumption of carbs will allow your body to actually fight away the toxins rather than you laying in bed praying you'll feel better soon. Complex carbs also give you an energy boost, which you'll definitely need if you had any plans for the rest of your day. If you really couldn't imagine the thought of eating a whole wheat bagel, don't worry. Plain bagels (aka a simple carb) will also help you out. This can raise your blood sugar and get rid of some of your symptoms, like feeling weak or shaky.

Sydney Rosenstein

If you don’t have the time, resources, or effort to go out and get a BEC from your local bagel shop, definitely try to at least get some eggs in your system. The aminos found in eggs are literally hangover fighters and they are on your side. If you’re looking to spice up the classic BEC, add some avocado or smoked salmon. Both have added bonuses to help cure your hangover and get you out of bed. You can also try BEC sushi, BEC breakfast hash, or BEC muffins to kick that nasty hangover. And obviously, drink a ton of water.