There's really nothing quite like devouring a fudgy brownie while watching all your favorite blondes fight to the death for the attention of one guy. The Bachelor is probably one of the best ways to debrief after a snooze-worthy Monday and a little something to satisfy your sweet tooth doesn't hurt either. If you're anything like me and you live each day for your after dinner treat, why not choose your next splurge based on your fave Bachelor lady? This one is for you, Bachelor Nation. 

Raven: Spice Cake

Sugar, spice, and everything nice. For real. Raven keeps Nick on his toes and isn't afraid to speak her mind, all while embodying that sugary sweet southern charm that is so hard to resist. She may be a bit underrated but you definitely won't regret giving her a chance. 

Corinne: Habanero Brownies

Well, just like these brownies that pack a punch, Corinne certainly isn't for everyone. She may seem sweet at first bite but after awhile, you'll either be looking for the nearest trash or be chugging some milk to wash down that spice. Approach with caution and try at your own risk.

Vanessa: Maple Pie

The type of dessert you would bring to grandma's house, ya feel? Simple, sweet, and flavored naturally with the nectar of her homeland: Canada. You really can't go wrong with a slice of this tasty tart (hint hint, Nick). 

Rachel: Chocolate Souffle

Light, fun, and easy-going. Like Rachel, these mini fluffy cakes are a classic that won't disappoint. The best way to cap off a meal is with something chocolate, right? Spending the day on a one-on-one with Rachel definitely helped Nick refocus and stay grounded. 

Kristina: Crepe Cake

Just like this luscious layer cake, Kristina has so many different pieces that make her, her. From her childhood in Russia to her adopted life in America, all her stories left Nick (and the rest of us) wanting more. Who wouldn't want a second slice of this Insta-worthy delight?

Danielle M: Strawberry Cheesecake

This Nashville nurse with a heart of gold shares her hometown with Nick himself in the cheese capital of America: Wisconsin. And what better way to enjoy your cheese than in dessert form? Danielle, like a classic cheesecake, is hard to ignore and just one date (bite) isn't going to be enough of this Bachelor contestant treat.

No matter how you feel about the whirlwind and catty dating competition that is The Bachelor, one thing is for sure: you can never have too much dessert.