The contestants on The Bachelor are normal people. They put their shoes on one at a time, their lives are full of never ending drama and they have strange, but memorable, moments with food.

Why Scoop Poop When You Can Crave Sushi?

We all know that Corinne has some bizarre eating habits, especially the infamous cheese pasta, but if there's one food craving of hers that you can probably relate to, it's needing sushi. 

Pizza is Bae

The only thing that Josh did on Bachelor in Paradise was make out with Amanda, eat pizza, and moan (sometimes doing more than one at a time), but can we really blame him for devouring such a delicious food?

Meat vs. Meat Head

Did the meat go straight to Chad's head? I'm not sure that there was a single episode where someone walked by when Chad wasn't shoving protein in his face.

Maple Syrup Bath

There were so many things wrong with this intro for Daniel and it left me with so many questions. Who drinks syrup straight out of the bottle? Where were the waffles? Doesn't the stickiness bother him? What is wrong with Canadians??

Sharing a Hot Dog > Actually Kissing

I'm not sure what eating a raw hot dog will achieve on The Bachelor but apparently it's working for Josephine. If someone tried to get me to Lady & the Tramp it with a hot dog, I'd probably puke. Props to her. 


One of the most memorable moments of the show: Chad yelling at Chris Harrison saying, "You went to sleep last night with a mimosa and a robe on. You don't even watch the show." So they weren't actually drinking mimosas but it makes for a hilarious mental image.


The best way to impress a girl is to show up in a cupcake. She may not like you but she'll always like cupcakes.

Everyone has strange or memorable moments with food, even the contestants on The Bachelor.