There's a good chance than you've seen the increasingly popular burrito-sized sushi rolls on social media, or maybe even in person if you're lucky. Fusion foods, especially Asian fusion, are becoming increasingly popular around the country. Fusion cuisine is created by combining styles of cooking from different cultures to make a new kind of dish. 

Some of these meals might seem like an odd pairing. However, the whole point of fusion is to put together these differing combos to make something great. So here are 7 fusion foods you'll want to add to your bucket list, immediately. 

KoJa with Kamikaze Fries

A burger with a side of fries is a classic American staple. However, restaurants like KoJa Kitchen switch it up a bit by serving Korean BBQ between garlic rice buns. Their waffle fries are also topped with the same kind of meat with kimchi and a drizzle of Japanese mayo.


Why get a dozen sushi rolls when you can grab one super-sized roll? The first location of Sushiritto opened in San Francisco back in 2011, but other locations have been popping up ever since. Rolling up the flavors of sushi into a burrito definitely allows you to load up on the filling.

Pad Thai Taco

Pad Thai is traditionally made with rice noodles, but at The Peached Tortilla, in Austin, Texas, these noodles are swapped out for flour tortillas. Despite being served as a taco, this Thai cuisine is still flavored the same way and topped with the usual lime wedges and roasted peanuts.

Sushi Pizza

Despite being called a sushi pizza, this dish, served at Alpha Fusion, has a base of a tortilla instead of baked dough. It still mimics the Italian dish with its toppings, ranging from spicy tuna to seaweed salad.

Kimchi Quesadilla

You have to head over the border to Canada to try this particular kimchi quesadilla, but fear not, as they are also served at Mexican-Korean fusion spots across the USA. Kimchi, a fermented vegetable side dish, is paired with cheese and other veggies in this unique style of quesadilla.

Vietnamese Sandwiches

This dish is nothing new, Vietnamese, or Bahn Mi sandwiches, came about when France colonized Vietnam. They are a prime example of Asian Fusion, using a combo of French baguettes and native Vietnamese ingredients.

California Croissant

Also known as the "croissushi", this pastry looks like a normal croissant on the outside, but is filled with a smoked salmon sushi roll, wasabi and ginger. You can find it at Mr. Holmes Bakehouse, if you're brave enough to try it.

While none of these foods claim to be authentic Asian cuisine, they still have taken cues from the culture to test culinary limits. If you're bold enough to try these Asian Fusion mashups, cruise by one of these stops and place your order.