An epic food combo –the sushi burrito– is taking the Bay Area (and the rest of the US) by storm.  And it’s not the kind of trend you want to miss out on. Once you’ve had one, you can’t get enough.

As west coast as the word “hella,” this hybrid food combines the convenience of Chipotle with the fresh flavors of sushi. It’s fantastic.


Photo by Tamara Mekler

A brief history of the sushi burrito for the uninitiated: in 2011, recent Northwestern MBA graduate Peter Yen opened the first Sushirrito location in San Francisco. The fusion food was an instant hit and even garnered attention from The Wall Street Journal.

You’ve probably heard of the new Sushirrito location on University. It boasts a delicious Salmon Samba roll, inventive ingredients, and a line out the door. Like Ike’sCREAM, and Philz’ mint mojitos, Sushiritto’s becoming the newest Stanford staple. However, its hours (Mon-Sat 1 pm-3 pm) can be pretty inconvenient.

So, where else can you get your sushi burrito fix in the Bay Area?

San Francisco

Sushirrito (multiple locations): This is the home of the original sushi burrito, and it has several locations throughout SF. If you like raw fish, try the Geisha’s Kiss. If, like a true Bay Area resident, you’re partial to the California roll, check out the crab-stuffed Sumo Crunch (pictured below).


Photo by Jennifer Ren

Sushi Taka: I’m gonna gush, because this was the first place I tried a sushi burrito, and it was totally worth the trek through the Financial District. Their Unagi Roll is the best sushi burrito I’ve had, incorporating some of my favorite classic sushi flavors.


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It’s also worth checking to see if food trucks that serve Asian fusion food have sushi burritos as well. If Manna JPT (Millbrae-based), We Sushi (operating Vallejo to Cupertino), or Kome Truck are nearby, head on over.

East Bay

Berkeley: If you’re visiting the side of the Bay where our rivals reside, go to Sushi Secrets. Besides selling boba (yum!), they have a variety of delicious sushi burritos in the $8-9 range, and (added bonus) they deliver! Try the Amabuki.

Photo by Michelle Lin

Oakland: Torpedo makes sushi burritos (they call them “torpedos”) with sustainably-fished seafood for eco-conscious foodies (here’s an app for you). I haven’t made it there yet myself, but a quick Yelp scan says the Slam’n Salmon and the Veganator are divine.


Photo courtesy of Paula G

Happy sushi burrito seeking!

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