Meet the Puppuccino Prospect, Desmos

This is my dog, Desmos. He is the peanut butter to my jelly, the ketchup to my mustard, and, most of all, my best friend. As an anxious college student I have found it so helpful to have this little guy with me this past semester. His cuddles and unconditional love provide a sense of support that allows me to live my best life. When I go to restaurants and coffee shops I look for ways to reward Desmos for just being great. So, naturally, I had to experiment and see which puppuccino is his favorite.

Marissa Rivers

What is a puppuccino?

Commonly known as a "puppiccuno" or "pup cup", this treat is a  (typically) free cup of light whipped cream served alongside your  coffee/meal. These puppy lattes  are pretty typical to find at chain restaurants across the United States, and can even come with doggy treats in them! For my experiment I chose to get pup cups from three places I (and most college students) commonly eat at — Starbucks, Chick-fil-a, and Dunkin' Donuts

The logistics...

Now I bet you are wondering, "How is this girl going to test how much her dog likes each puppucino?" There are three categories that we tested: 

The time it takes for Desmos to finish his treat

The faster he finishes his puppucino the more he has enjoyed the treat.

The amount of tail wags he gives while eating

A dog is obviously happier when they are wagging their tail. To test this I put the number of tail wags over the time to create a revealing ratio.

The aftermath...

Was he tired? Was he energized? How many times did he "go outside" after? ;) 

Once I figured out the variables on how I was going to test which puppucino would be his favorite, Desmos and I hit the road!

DISCLAIMER: These were not all done on the same day in order to preserve his tiny little belly.


Marissa Rivers

Our first stop was Starbucks. Desmos was definitely a little overwhelmed with the environment as we typically stay inside of the car when drinking our drinks so this could definitely have impacted his lack of tail wags.

Time: 1 minute and 9 seconds

Wags: 1 wag= 1:69= 0.01449

Aftermath: The good boy was tired to say the least. He was excited in the moment but crashed in my bed as soon as we got home!


Marissa Rivers

Our second stop was Chick-Fila. A place that I have grown fond of throughout my years of being a lemonade connoisseur. Desmos seemed to agree with me and appreciate his little treat from here!

Time: 1 minute and 4 seconds

Wags: 5= 5:64= 0.078

Aftermath: Similar to Starbucks, Desmos got pretty tired after an hour of excitement. He wanted to run and play with toys for a little before curling up and passing out for the night.

Disclaimer: This test was at night so he genuinely could have just been tired from the day!

Dunkin Donuts

Marissa Rivers

Dunkin has grown to become my favorite chain coffee in college so I was definitely curious to see if Desmos would like it as much as I do. Needless to say, he did!

Time: 56 seconds

Wags: 13= 13:56= 0.23

Aftermath: He was super energized. We ended up going on a long walk about 30 minutes post puppuccino and he still wanted to play with his toys after that. Talk about a sugar high!

So... What is the best puppuccino?

Marissa Rivers

Like most experiments with live animals, it is hard to say how much environmental factors were controlled. With that said, Desmos definitely felt most comfortable and happy chowing down on the Dunkin Donuts pup cup. Does this mean I have an excuse to go more often?