Dear Freshmen, 

For starters, welcome to Ohio University and congrats on becoming a Bobcat! I'm sure by now you've heard about 20 times at Bobcat Student Orientation (BSO), that your time spent here will be an amazing four years. That might seem cliché today, but you will find our soon enough, that statement is exactly correct.

And now, as you are trying to figure out what to buy for your dorm and where to go for your first class this fall, I introduce you to the website that will help you feed yourself in college. 

We are Ohio University's chapter of Spoon University. The complete and mobile guide to not gaining the freshmen 15, which dining hall serves up your favorite dishes and where to spend your last few dollars dining off campus. OU Spoon University has got you, updating Bobcats weekly on everything from local deals to teaching you to cook to fun articles to read between classes. 

For now, here is a quick cheat-sheet to being a foodie Bobcat:

Dining Halls:

Boyd (AKA "The District on Green"): For starters, we are all unsure why the university continues to call this dining hall "The District on Green", as the dining hall is located in the west green dorm, Boyd. Regardless, if you are living on west green, this is the closest dining hall to you by far. The ~bougie~ interior and healthier dining options (including vegetarian!) are typically a favorite on west green (composed majorly of health and science students). The place is gorgeous, so we recommend taking any visiting family members to this dining hall. 

Best Menu Item: The build-you-own sandwich station.

Shively: Shively is also located in a residence hall--Shively. Last year, this dining hall's interiors also got quite the upgrade. Here, you can expect homecooked favorites daily: burgers, mashed potatoes, pizza, chicken nuggets, pasta, and tacos. Shively is notorious for delicious, but not-so-good-for-you food.

Best Menu Item: Chicken nuggets.

Nelson: Nelson is unique in not being in a residence hall on campus. The third and final dining hall, located on south green, has a coffee shop serving Starbucks coffee (AKA Southside Espresso), a small campus-market and a conference room attached to the back. Nelson is kind of what you'd expect a college dining hall to look like--stations for pizza, Asian, burgers, breakfast, and an extensive salad bar.

Best Menu Item: Anything at the breakfast bar, especially cheesy potatoes. 

Bonus: Take a fun quiz here from Ohio University's Spoon website to find out which OU dining hall best aligns with your personality.

Quick Meals on Court Street:

Kayla Rosengarten

Thankfully, Bobcats have lots of options to eat outside of the dining halls. On the main street uptown, Court Street, there are favorites you already know: Wendy's, Jimmy John's, Chipotle. But, there is also a long list of Athens places to keep your culinary side entertained: Big Mama's Burritos, the Fluff Bakery, Ginger, Bagel Street Deli, and O'Betty's Red Hot, to name a few. Oh, and the local food trucks are worth noting too. 

Athens Takes its Coffee Strong and Local:

Kayla Rosengarten

There are three main coffee shops that are locally owned just off of Ohio University's campus. If you have Bobcat Cash or Flex Points, go ahead and purchase coffee from a campus shop. However, while there is a Starbucks store just off campus (and it's usually pretty full) it has recently been considered a faux pas on Ohio University's campus to not support the local coffee shops. 

So, listen carefully, Donkey Coffee, Brenen's and Court Street Coffee will be your new best friends. Not only are they great places to meet up with classmates to study, but these shops serve the best pastries, lattes, iced coffees and chai teas in town. If you don't have a caffeine addiction yet, just wait.

Bonus: When you determine your favorite coffee shop, here's what is says about you.

Spoon University

This is a good, BSO-foodie-rundown for now, but to keep up on all things Athens food, follow Ohio University's Spoon University at @Spoon_OhioU on Twitter and at @spoon_ohiou on Instagram.

Serious about food or have a passion for writing, marketing and photography? Join the Ohio University Spoon University chapter! Our club can help your resume shine and help you eat through your Athens bucket list.

Never forks, 


OU Spoon University Editor