Coffee and their shops are a fundamental part of life for many students, whether it be for the brew that keeps them going, or the ambient setting that keeps them focused while studying. Find out what your favorite uptown coffee shop says about you. After all, you are what you drink.

1. Donkey Coffee

Uptown Coffee Shop

Photo courtesy of @qbeeht on Instagram

The quiet, relaxing medium of Donkey puts you at ease the moment you walk in the door. It seems as if whenever you come to Donkey, you don’t leave for hours because it’s the perfect place to start that final paper and finish your calc homework (or binge-watch Orange Is The New Black, depends on how motivated you are that day). If soft music, cozy couches, and caramel cappuccinos were a person, it would be you.

2. Whit’s Frozen Custard/Perks

Uptown Coffee Shop

Photo courtesy of @natalie.yoder on Instagram

If Whit’s is your go-to for coffee, you’re probably a pretty spontaneous person. Let’s be honestif you go to a custard shop for your coffee and hot chocolate needs, you’re probably going to see that delicious-looking flavor of the month and just have to try it instead. No shame, though.

3. Court Street Coffee

Uptown Coffee Shop

Photo courtesy of @court_st_coffee

Court Street Coffee has an extensive menu of drinks, including perks like the frozen hot chocolate and the orange cream freeze. Just like the drinks at CSC, you’re unique, fun-loving, and truly enjoy the little things in life (like your favorite cup of coffee, of course).

4. Brenen’s

Uptown Coffee Shop

Photo courtesy of @abbygryzik

Just like Brenen’s, you have a lot to offer. You’re involved in several student organizations on campus, take at least 18 credit hours, and always put 110% into everything you do.  You work hard, and it shows. Seriously, your resumé is as long as their menu.

5. Fluff Bakery and Catering

Uptown Coffee Shop

Photo courtesy of @zipsterhipster on Instagram

Hey, sweet thaaang. Just like Fluff’s drinks and treats, you’re sweet as sugar. You’re the type that smiles at frowning strangers, surprises your friends with cups of coffee before class, and would do anything and everything to make someone’s day better than it was. You have it all, just like their menu (seriously, they serve tacos if you didn’t know).