Are you a talented and resourceful Bobcat? Does your mouth water at the idea of writing super cool articles that the entire campus is going to share on Facebook, or putting on an event that the entire campus is going to want to attend? If so, you and Spoon University at Ohio University are a match made in foodie heaven. Here are eight reasons why you should join Spoon.

1. You love food and food loves you 

You and food have this special bond, like peanut butter and jelly or mac n' cheese. You can't remember the last time when you didn't enjoy the meal sitting in front of you, even if it was that #basic power bar you grabbed on your way to your 8:35 am class. Our dining hall food even has you drooling, and you're super proud of that.

2. The idea of talking about food to everyone who walks up to you sounds like a dream

tea, pizza
Mary Carter

Remember that dream you had where you were at a kickass event you helped plan with a million cool vendors, and then you looked to your left to find your BFF Beyoncé standing there offering you a Burrito Bowl from Chipotle? Well, you can have all of that if you join Spoon. All, except the Beyoncé part—we're still working on that. 

You can have the talking to people about food thing, because that's what we do. Loving food and talking about how great food is is basically Spoon's mission.

3. You want amazing real life experience in marketing and event planning

Every campus organization needs a really awesome public image, so how cool would it be if you helped to create that image? We don't just need writers, we need people who will help market Spoon, and people who will plan amazing events that will get everyone from West Green to Palmer Street talking Spoon at OU. 

4. You love taking artsy pics, especially when the subject is food

If writing or marketing just aren't your thing, what about photography? We need talented people who have that special eye that knows when to move that one french fry to the left for picture perfect food pics. Plus, your amazing pictures are going to be seen by a ton of people. And there's a good chance one of those people will be hella important. It's a win-win.

5. You consider writing to be your thing

rice, quinoa, salad, chicken, fried rice
Photo courtesy of solrest on Facebook

Do you have a way with words, but dread being forced to cover topics like the economy or indie films you don't get? Well, Spoon won't leave you bored. We write about everything and anything that has to do with food, college, lifestyle, and Athens. But what if you do decide to write about that indie movie? You can do it, and you can also write about the bomb ass meal you had at Sol afterward.

6. You want to be a part of something bigger than you

Spoon isn't just campus wide or state wide, it's national. Kind of cool, right? This makes it so much easier to get your work out on the West Coast, or get really cool contacts in a state you're just dying to go to. Spoon even has a Member's Summit each summer in NYC, where you can meet people from other Spoon chapters and learn new ideas to bring back to our chapter.

7. You want national recognition for the things you write

cake, popcorn
Photo by Nora Ghanem

The people who write for Spoon have had their work shared on sites like Buzzfeed, Yahoo!, Food Network, MTV, Cosmo, and more. It only takes one hit article, like Meredith Davin's What Happened When I Ate Only Halo Top Ice Cream For 5 Days — SPOILER ALERT, all she did was eat ice cream, and she got more than 700,000 views for it. And you know what more views like this means? Important people reading your awesome articles, and a chance at scoring your dream job. #Adulting

8. Your Insta food game is strong

If your Instagram is pretty much food for days, there's no denying it—you're a foodie. You love all things food-related, from the beauty of it to the taste of it. Food is life (well, your life at least), and you have no shame.

Join us, foodies! There are so many opportunities for everyone, and the opportunity to join a group at Ohio University dedicated to food is one not pass up on. Apply today.