Athens, Ohio has some of the best restaurants. There are so many types of international cuisine along with the classic American foods and late night eats. Among those great restaurants are the best food trucks in Athens. 

Most of these food trucks are located on the corner of Union and Court streets, conveniently by Ohio University's College Green.

*This list is not in a ranked order.

OMG! Rotisserie

We can't get enough of the country style, comfort foods to go. The name implies that it's supposed to be about the chicken, but those creamy potatoes and buttery corn make this one of the best food trucks in Athens. You can find OMG! Rotisserie's locations for the food truck on Union Street or you can find the sit down restaurant on Court Street. 

Burrito Buggy   

Burritos are easy to pick up from a food truck and take on the go. They're open for lunch and dinner with your favorite burritos. Look for this food truck at the corner of Court and Union. 

Mister Softee

The perfect summer treat can be found at one of the best food trucks in Athens. Mister Softee of Athens is from Larry's Dawg House on Union Street. Their milkshakes are the best in town. Mister Softee's food truck goes to events, so you'll have to check their Facebook page to find out where you can find them.

#SpoonTip: The Union Street location has "Weenie Wednesday" every week with 99 cent hotdogs.

Ali Babas

Ali Babas is one of the best food trucks in Athens for international cuisine. They have gyros, falafels, freshly squeezed lemonade, and so much more. Ali Babas is one of Athens' oldest food trucks and they now have three buggies around town.

Hot Potato

With potatoes being made in so many different ways, Hot Potato has to be one of the best food trucks in Athens. Don't think that the menu items are all fried and unhealthy, because they offer many types of potatoes. They even have vegan options and sweet potatoes if you're wanting something sweeter. You can find Hot Potato on the corner of Union and Court. 

Holy Guacamole

Holy Guacamole has a full Mexican menu all made with fresh ingredients. You can find this food truck in The Plains on State Route 682 or at area festivals. 

What's better than locally owned businesses? Especially when some of them support the 30-mile meal with fresh ingredients? These are some of the best food trucks in Athens. Check them out on your next trip to A-town.