I'm sure there are many of you gasping at this article right about now. I get it! Rainbow food is very much a thing, but enough is enough. The rainbow trend truly took the web by storm when Starbucks released it's totally dreadful Unicorn Frap. Trendy girls and internet bloggers alike flocked to their nearest Starbucks only to be completely disappointed. The drink was awful. Yet those dedicated to the franchise, and it's aesthetic, continued to suffer through the creamy treat (more like trick). 

Starbucks, pink and blue, Unicorn, coffee, cold drink, Unicorn Frappuccino, Frappuccino, milk
Shelby Cohron

Shortly after, Rainbow everything was being vomited all over social media. Rainbow cakes, rainbow cookies, rainbow bagels, rainbow, rainbow, rainbow. I became sick of scrolling through Instagram this past summer. One can only handle so much happiness and color. Now, I'm not saying I'm all doom and gloom. I'm just saying that I don't want everything I put in my mouth to look like it just came out of My Little Pony.

This trend needs to stop because who realistically likes this? I'll tell you: no one. Be honest with yourselves people! You know that all rainbow food and drinks taste purely of sugar, similar to that awful fondant icing. Yeah, it may look pretty and all, but I'd rather scoop my eyes out with spoons than eat it. Sure, it was fun for the summer, but summer is over. We should all collectively make a pact to put this food trend out of its misery and let it die.