Dan Ho

Don’t be shy, we know food is a BIG part of your college life. I could probably guess what you’re thinking and six times out of ten it’s food related! The continuous struggles of finding the best places to eat around campus, deciding what to make after a long days’ worth of classes, being an expensive foodie on a Wendy’s "4 for $4 type" budget--- whatever your afflictions, we understand because we’ve been there! There have been countless days I couldn’t even fit lunch into my schedule, so I’d stuff myself with junk food while reading food blogs and fooling myself into believing I was eating some gourmet sh*t instead. If that doesn’t showcase the hardships we face on our quest for good food, I honestly don’t know what does.

Fortunately, there’s a space that understands your struggles and provides you an easier access to the foods you crave, even on a tight budget or schedule. We’re continuously updating our site with new content ranging from food hacks and inexpensive copycat recipes of your favorite restaurant meals to serious topics, such as health and body image. Becoming a member would not only guarantee you a gold mine of foodie treasures, but also a voice to project your own food experiences as you navigate college. Here at Spoon at UTD, you can immerse yourself in a realm of food fantasies, where both you and your taste buds are welcome a seat at our table (yes you CAN sit with us)! If you still aren’t convinced, here’s why some of our contributors joined.

UTD Spoon Contributors

Grace NguyenPhotographer Director

Photographer Director

"Food is where the heart is, and I have always been into sharing my passion and enjoyment for it with those around me. However, I wasn't able to find a right platform that would allow me to express my love for food as a Millennial until Spoon University. Although it hasn't been easy establishing Spoon at UTD, getting to know and working with creative minds has made my Spoon experience so rewarding." 

Marisa Williams

Editorial Director

“After reading some things that Spoon has published, I realized how diverse and fun-loving the Spoon community is. Everyone has so many ideas and is so receptive to new ones. It also isn’t an extremely formal publication, so you can put every bit of yourself into it without worrying too much about formalities.”

Brooke Palmer

“I joined Spoon University because it seemed like the perfect outlet for my love of food and the art of it. Food brings forth a community, it provides good health, and most importantly, it gives people joy. I wanted to make it a bigger and more official part of my life.

Sabrina Tran

"What appealed to me most about spoon was its focus on empowerment, both on the consumer and creator sides. To be a part of an organization where not only is it fun to do what we do, but our work makes a positive contribution to the community. Even if it is just fun, propelled by casual interest and nuanced with light-hearted community, the ambition of spoon is humbling. We're not trying to fix the ills of society and we don't need to."

Dan Ho


"Spoon is more than just a food editorial. It is taking something that everybody loves, food in this case, and joining people together for the sake of it. Food is what brings people together and allows us to not only survive, but to also express ourselves artistically through cooking/baking, give people an experience from the food they eat, and/or just provide happiness by learning something new. With spoon being around the nation, we can allow for everyone to have the inside SCOOP to food news, recipes, and more! To be a part of this food community already provides people with enjoyable content; however, it is the love and joy that we SPREAD (like Nutella) that gives us a reason to do what we do. That is why I joined Spoon...let's just say it was my CUP of TEA."

Sahil Sinha


"What I love most about Spoon Uni is I can tailor my searches to however I'm feeling that day. If I'm feeling sick, I can easily look up articles that will cheer me up. If I'm feeling bougie (which is most of the time) I know the place to go to get my fix! Also, whenever I'm h-angry Spoon is my immediate remedy."

So put those biology textbooks aside and take a few minutes to become a member or contributor!