You're done with break and moving away from the comfort of your parents and the familiarity of your daily routine. You don't know what to expect, but you're definitely not alone. Here are some tips on what to bring to spice up your dorm room and make you feel more comfortable in your new environment.

1. Add photos

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Melissa Simon

Decorating the boring white dorm room walls can make your room look way cuter and more personal. Go to Walgreens or Target and print out photos of you and your family or your best friends from home to spark memories and put a smile on your face each and every time you look at your walls. 

2. Music Speakers

Melissa Simon

At home, I have a large speaker hanging on my wall in my room to drown myself in music when I'm feeling down or trying to hype up the room when getting ready for a party with friends. No doubt you'll be able to throw the best pregames with a speaker hanging above your closet just like my roommate and I did last year. Just don't get caught. 

3. Mattress Pad

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Melissa Simon

After 24 hours of setting up my new dorm room, I fell in love with my bed and thought it was the most comfortable bed in the world. But after going home for Thanksgiving break and sleeping in my real bed again, I realized that my home bed is actually a luxurious palace compared to the tiny, firm dorm mattress. A thick and fluffy mattress pad is essential. For the 5-star hotel experience, by two extra-fluffy mattress pads. 

4. Ear Plugs/Earphones

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Melissa Simon

Living with a roommate can be difficult, especially when you're as light of a sleeper as I am. When your roommate falls asleep after you or wakes up early for class, or if your loud floor-mates come home from a party after you've already gone to bed, earplugs are the perfect way to block out the noise.

Blasting music in your headphones lets you become immersed in your own world when you're stressed or overwhelmed. Living with others can be fun and exciting, but it's totally normal to feel the need to be alone every so often.

5. Fan 

coffee, tea, beer, pizza
Melissa Simon

Unfortunately, the early fall is hot and humid and some dorms don't have AC. A strong fan is necessary, and it also helps block out noise. 

Going to a new school and living in a new environment isn't easy. It's normal to be nervous. I guarantee that every emotion you're feeling is the same as the freshman sitting next to you in your lecture or the girl standing behind you in line at the dining hall.

Use the butterflies in your stomach and the fear in the voice in your head to urge yourself to start a conversation and connect with someone new. Put yourself out there, and be yourself. Customize your dorm any way that you want, and enjoy your college experience.