It’s no secret that college exposes you to a whole new world of people, activities, and studies that can be very overwhelming. Before you even set foot in the classroom, you're exposed to many different kinds of people just by walking through your dorm to your room.

This list helps get to know all your freshman hallmates a little better by seeing which of your favorite JMU foods best represents them, and why. 

The Party Girl: Chanello's Pizza

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They’re the one who is always up late, even though they have a 9am the next morning. Whenever you’re with them, you’re guaranteed to have a good time ­– like when your freshman hallmates get together for a pizza night. 

Whenever they stumble home, Chanello’s will be ready and waiting to deliver all your late night cravings for pizza and cheesy bread, and they even accept Flex as a form of payment.

The Girl Who Has it Together—Weekday Dining Hall Breakfast

scrambled, toast
Jake Toth

You’ll never catch her wearing sweats and a wrinkled t-shirt, regardless of how early her classes are. She already knows the ins and outs of the brand new D-Hub, and always starts her day off right by getting to the dining hall before morning classes. 

Her breakfast of choice is a hearty omelet that will fuel her through her packed schedule. When you pass by her in the hallway, you and your other freshman hallmates can’t help but envy how perky and awake she is for her 8am classes. 

The Social Butterfly—Starbucks Vanilla Latté

coffee, cappuccino, milk, espresso, cream, mocha, chocolate
Phoebe Melnick

Super sweet and fun, she’s always there for all your freshman hallmates when you need a little pick me up. Her Instagram will make you wonder how she always looks so cute and candid all the time. 

The caffeine from the latte is the perfect boost to keep her going after a long day of socializing. Worried about overspending for your morning coffee? Check out these 5 tips to save money on your Starbucks order.

UREC Junkie—UREC Café Protein Smoothie

milk, coffee, smoothie, sweet, milkshake, cream, yogurt
Christin Urso

It's as if their wardrobe is nothing but running shorts and sports jerseys, because that is all you ever see them in. You always seem to pass them in the hallway when they’re on their way home from a workout while you’re on your way to make a bowl of Top Ramen. 

Definitely the most active of your freshman hallmates, they use all their dining points getting that extra scoop of protein for their smoothies to maximize their workout gains and keep you jealous of their flawless abs. 

The Homebody—Buffalo Bites from PC Dukes

sauce, vegetable, meat, chicken
Maxwell Faucher

They’re still just as close with all their high school BFFs as the day they graduated. They opt to go home for the weekend rather than go out all the time, and while they may love JMU (who doesn’t?), they still have a special place in their heart for the town they grew up in. 

When they do dine at JMU, the buffalo bites from Dukes are the perfect JMU twist on a classic comfort food. Paired with a side of mac and cheese, even the most homesick of students has to smile when they’ve got a plate of buffalo bites. 

The Hippie—Quinoa Bowl from Student Success Center

broccoli, salad, cauliflower, chicken
Charlotte Ward

Typically, you won’t find this flower child in the dorm, because they like to be outside soaking up the sunshine as much as possible. You’re more likely to find them lounging on the Quad in a hammock listening to some funky tunes. 

They’re a pro at eating healthy in college, and make it a priority to load up on fresh veggies as often as possible, which makes these customizable dishes from Student Success Center the perfect in between class lunch. 

The School Super Fan—Dog Pound Cinnamon Roll

pastry, chocolate, sweet, cake, candy, cinnamon, cream, cookie, cinnamon roll
Susanna Tuan

If you need to find them, check the official JMU sporting guide schedule for that night’s game. They eat, breathe, and sleep purple and gold, which is exactly why they go so well with this campus favorite. 

They usually come home late because they were cheering for the Dukes until the very last second of the game. Lucky for them, Dog Pound is open late, so even after double overtime they will be able to grab themselves the perfect post-game snack.

The Hot Mess—Pre-made Sandwich from P.O.D

sandwich, spinach, turkey, chicken, cheese
Nicole Lacasse

They usually manage to make it to all their classes, but more often than not show up ten minutes late wearing mismatched shoes and last night’s shirt. They lead a busy life, and can't take time out of their busy schedule to sit down in E Hall to relax and eat a meal with the rest of their freshman hallmates. 

They need something they can grab and eat on the way to their class, which is why they frequent P.O.D. and don’t mind that they only accept flex and dining instead of punches. 

The Artist—Lunch at the Little Grill

Always changing and evolving, this hip freshman already knows all the best spots to eat in Harrisonburg. They’re all about the vibe of locally-owned and sourced food, and never miss an opportunity to try the seasonal special at the Little Grill. 

They prefer to make the trek off campus to have a locally-sourced breakfast on the weekends instead of joining the rest of their freshman hallmates making their way to E Hall for waffles and tater tots. 

No matter what kind of food you're in the mood for, Harrisonburg has got you covered. There is something for everyone, whether you feel like going downtown or just grabbing a quick meal on campus. Most importantly, you and your freshman hallmates get to experience it all for the first time together, so don't be afraid to feed your curiosity and try something new.