While many would argue that ice cream is best enjoyed in the summertime, there are definitely no laws restricting anyone from eating the delicacy all-year round. Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams, an Ohio based ice cream company, definitely doesn't limit the enjoyment of their artisan, innovative ice cream to the summertime. On top of their excellent year-round flavors, Jeni's routinely announces seasonal batches. In fact, they just recently launched another limited edition package that I know all ice cream connoisseurs are fighting to get their hands on. So, without further ado, here is an official sneak preview of Jeni's seasonal "splendid holiday" winter ice cream collection. 

Dark Chocolate Peppermint

This seasonal flavor is a perfect holiday infused flavor for any chocolate mint aficionado. The flavor infuses bittersweet chocolate, packed with Fair Trade cocoa, and sharp peppermint for the perfect creamy chocolate flavor with a super-cool mint finish giving the palate a rush of cool air. Serve it into a steaming hot cup of holiday hot cocoa, on top of a chocolate soufflé, or simply in a bowl topped with your favorite kind of chocolate peppermint bark.

Sweet Potato With Torched Marshmallows 

While Thanksgiving has come and gone, it is not too late to devour Jeni's sweet potato torched marshmallow flavor, featured in their seasonal splendid holiday 2017 collection. The base of this unique flavor begins with nutmeg and Vietnamese cinnamon roasted sweet potatoes, which are locally sourced from Hirsch Fruit Farm in Ohio. It is then studded with handmade, hand torched trays of gooey marshmallows to enhance every spoonful, making for the perfect sweet, yet savory holiday ice cream.

The Matterhorn

"The Matterhorn," as creatively named by Jeni herself, is inspired by her time spent as a toddler living on an army base in Stuttgart, Germany. What she remembers most from this period of her life is the candy-filled care packages that arrived at her house during the holidays. So, Jeni recreated that fond memory into an ice cream pint: the matterhorn. This flavor is made with wildflower honey ice cream flecked with creamy white chocolate shavings and smoked almonds, perfect for any cold winter night snuggled up by a toasty fireplace. 

Boozy Eggnog

The boozy eggnog ice cream flavor is directly inspired by Jeni's grandfather, who taught her to always spike her eggnog with bourbon, a recipe he learned from a from a friend during World War II. It is an egg custard and nutmeg based ice cream spiked and beautifully blended with locally sourced Middle West Spirits' non-traditional, wheated bourbon whiskey. This flavor invokes a smooth velvety texture and flavor with warm, spiced notes of vanilla and caramel. Jeni recommends that a scoop of the spiked bourbon flavor is enhanced by licking it straight from a sugar cone

It is evident that Jeni hit it out of the park when she debuted her phenomenal 2017 splendid holiday winter collection flavors Whether you decide to purchase one or the entire collection, you can't go wrong with any. Whatever holiday your family celebrates, if any, this winter, a holiday season filled with Jeni's ice cream will most definitely be successful, delicious time.