The first time I ever bought a Quest Bar, I walked around Walmart for about 30-minutes because they weren't with the granola bars, like I had originally thought. Instead, they were with the vitamins. Intersting, right?

Through my confusion and half hour detour, I wondered how many extra calories I was burning. This led me to thinking about the Quest Bar calories that I would be eventually consuming (if I ever found them). To answer the question, here is a ranking of Quest Bar Calories. 

Chocolate Flavor Cereal Bar

If you're looking for a delicious bar for breakfast that is low in calories, reach for the chocolate flavor cereal bar. It only has 110 calories, and it's a personal favorite of mine. 

Waffle Flavor Cereal Bar 

I'll be honest, I wasn't excited to try this particular bar. However, I'm glad that I did. It also contains 110 calories of deliciousness. 

Cinnamon Roll Flavor Cereal Bar

Like both of the other cereal protein bars, the cinnamon roll flavor also contains 110 calories of deliciousness. It's a 10/10 if you're looking for a healthy cinnamon roll substitute in the morning. 

Chocolate Brownie  

This Chocolate Brownie Quest Bar is next in line with only 170 calories. You really can't go wrong with anything chocolate flavored, in my opinion; and this bar is no exception. 

Cinnamon Roll 

Another cinnamon roll flavor to add to the list. This one comes in with 170 calories. In my opinion, the cereal bar was a better option. 

Chocolate Peanut Butter 

Also coming in with 170 calories is the Chocolate Peanut Butter Quest Bar.  It's the perfect post-workout snack. 

Strawberry Cheesecake 

The Strawberry Cheesecake bars is another personal favorite. It contains 170 calories of pure joy. 

Lemon Cream Pie 

Nothing says summer like a Lemon Cream Pie Quest Bar. This bar comes in with 170 calories. 

Blueberry Cobbler Hero Bar

No lie, this 170 calorie flavor taste just like a jelly donut from your favorite donut shop. 

Mocha Chocolate Chip 

I sometimes use this 180 calorie flavor as a substitute for my morning coffee. It is just as delicious. 


The S'Mores flavor Quest Bar comes in with only 180 calories. You can't go wrong here.   

Double Chocolate Chunk 

How can anything Double Chocolate Chunk flavored only have 180 calories? Quest somehow does it with this flavor. 

Banana Nut Muffin 

This Banana Nut flavor is 180 calories of perfection. Trust me, you have to try this one. 

Vanilla Caramel Hero Bar

Hero Bars are new to the scene, but they are worth all of the hype they've received. This particular flavor only contains 180 calories.

Blueberry Muffin 

I'm currently obsessing over anything blueberry flavored. This Quest Bar is worth all 190 of its calories.

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip 

Oatmeal chocolate chip with only 190 calories? Yes, please. 

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough 

This fan favorite is only 190 calories. It also tastes delicious. 

Cookies & Cream 

This 190 calorie Quest Bar is life-changing. It's a must try.  

Mint Chocolate Chunk

A huge "YES" to this 190 calorie piece of perfection. 

Apple Pie

Only 190 calories? You can't find an actual apple pie that can do better than that.  

Mixed Berry Bliss

This is one of the best for after a workout. It's only 190 calories and will bring you back to 100%. 

Coconut Cashew 

With only 190 calories, Coconut Cashew is coming in hot. This is my favorite after class snack.  

Vanilla Almond Crunch

Vanilla Almond Crunch is exactly what dreams are made of. These bars, however, are made of 190 calories.

White Chocolate Raspberry 

White Chocolate Raspberry is 200 calories of pure happiness. It happens to be what I reach for when I'm needing a little pick-me-up. 

Peanut Butter & Jelly

PB&J fans, this one's for you. With only 200 calories, this Quest bar also contains 4g of non-fiber carbs; however, this one is probably my least favorite, sorry pb & j lovers.

Peanut Butter Supreme

Probably the hardest Quest Bar photo to find on Instagram, Peanut Butter Supreme contains 200 calories.

Chocolate Caramel Pecan Hero Bar

Second to last, with 200 calories is the Chocolate Caramel Pecan Hero Bar. 

Rocky Road

With 210 calories, Rocky Road comes in last on the list. However, it's worth the extra calories. 

There you have it, a definitive list of Quest Bar calories ranked from lowest to highest. Now, when it comes to snacking, you're a little more educated. Happy snacking.