Quest bars are gaining popularity among health-conscious college students because of their impressive nutrition facts. They have around 20 grams of protein per bar, are low in net carbs, and are all below 200 calories. While they do make tasty on-the-go snacks by themselves, up your bar game with these recipes and #cheatclean.

1. Use Them to Make Quest Bar-Stuffed French Toast

Say whaaaat? Turn these raspberry cheese cake babies into a decadent protein-packed breakfast. Or try one of these French Toast recipes.

2. Make a Cookie Dough Dip

Now you can have your cookie dough and eat it too, minus the calorie guilt and salmonella risk. This gluten-free cookie dough dip is also a good choice.

3. Turn Them into Tiramisu Cupcakes

Your snack game will be *~bella~* or try this classic recipe.

4. Make Them into Donuts

You won’t be glazed and confused with these cinnamon roll and sprinkle donuts. You can also make your own from scratch with this recipe.

5. Turn to Toast

The texture of Quest bars can be easily manipulated by heat. Switch up your average breakfast routine with this recipe.

6. Try a Pop-Tart

10 times the protein, with 0 times the guilt.

7. Make S’mores

Celebrate bonfire SZN.

8. Ice Cream Taco

A cleaner alternative for when you’re craving Twistee Treat’s tempting waffle taco.

9. Make Thin Mints

Because we all need something to tide us over when Girl Scout cookies aren’t being sold. Here’s how to make the rest of the Girl Scout cookies out of your favorite protein bar.