I'm confident in admitting that I probably follow more food accounts on Instagram than actual people. This past spring, I noticed that a lot of food bloggers were beginning to promote a new protein bar called Perfect Bars. Priced at around $2.50 per bar, these aren't your typical protein bars since you'll find them in an entirely different section of the grocery store, but they're perfect for a quick breakfast or hefty snack. 

What I love about this company is that they believe in wholesome ingredients, which is why their bars are best eaten when refrigerated. Each bar is non-GMO and gluten-free, with 20 (yup, that's not a typo) superfoods in them. After hearing all this, I finally decided to try one of their most popular flavors, Carob Chip, and the rest is history. 

With the help of a few friends, I've decided to rank the rest of the remaining seven Perfect Bar flavors, even though you really can't go wrong with any. We mostly paid attention to the texture and flavor, but most importantly how much each bar stuck out to us after trying them.

7. Almond Acai

chocolate, candy, sweet
Sophie Pilkington

This flavor reminded me of a nature valley bar and how they constantly create crumbs as you eat them. It didn't really stay together as we tried it, but it's very chewy and there are occasional pieces of puffy cereal and almonds. We also couldn't taste the acai as much as we anticipated.   

6. Cranberry Crunch

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Sophie Pilkington

This bar has a slight peanut butter taste for the base, but to mix it up it has little chunks of cranberries that are extremely flavorful. On the downside, I wouldn't say the bar is very crunchy like its name claims.

5. Fruit & Nut

coffee, milk
Sophie Pilkington

Nothing too crazy about this one because it's basically peanut butter but with occasional pieces of fruit chunks. It has the same fudge-like consistency as Peanut Butter as well. If you're in the mood for a pb&j but want to be healthy, this is the flavor for you.  

4. Almond Butter

cereal, wheat, sweet, corn
Sophie Pilkington

This one is a little crunchier than others due to the seeds and actual chunks of almonds in it. The bar itself truly resembles actual almond butter, which has actually been proven in some cases to be better for you than peanut butter.  

3. Almond Coconut

chocolate, candy, sweet, milk
Sophie Pilkington

This flavor is really chewy and has is the perfect combination of berry and coconut flavors. The two combinations of flavors, which may seem odd at first, work extremely well together! 

2. Peanut Butter

Sophie Pilkington

This flavor is pretty straight forward but still so good. It tastes basically like straight up peanut butter fudge, making you wish you could eat more than one bar in a sitting.

1. Carob Chip

chocolate, candy, sweet
Sophie Pilkington

Carob chip tastes like a healthy version of chocolate fudge. The flavor is obviously very chocolaty due to the carob in it. It's not the most chewy of all the bars, but it definitely leaves an aftertaste that makes you feel like you just indulged in dessert

Overall, every Perfect Bar flavor had a unique twist to it, but there were some that stuck out to me more and others that I wasn't yearning for as much. The only way to know which one you like is to go get some! 

#SpoonTip: Perfect Bar also just released three new flavors: Blueberry Cashew, Coconut Peanut Butter, and Maple Almond. I just tried them, and I have to say Blueberry Cashew is the one that I am currently obsessed with.